Overwatch Second Anniversary Event Guide - Start Time, Start Date, All New Legendary Skins and Emotes

The Overwatch Second Anniversary event marks the shooter turning two, and brings a bunch of brand new Epic and Legendary skins, as well as the new Petra Deathmatch map.

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The Overwatch Second Anniversary event is almost here to mark the second birthday of the online hero shooter, and we're got all the details you need for the event in this Overwatch Second Anniversary guide, we'll be walking you through the Overwatch Second Anniversary start date, as well as the Overwatch Second Anniversary skins that you can unlock through the usual loot boxes.

If you instead need anything else at all to do with Overwatch, including a complete recap of all the events and new cosmetic items you might have missed out on so far, as well as a walkthrough of how to play as all the new DLC characters including Doomfist and more, head over to our Overwatch guides hub.

Overwatch Second Anniversary Start Date

It really doesn't feel like that long ago since Overwatch first launched around the world to upwards of ten million users in just a matter of weeks, but here we are. Blizzard are marking their flagship console and PC shooter turning two years old later this month by launching the Overwatch Second Anniversary event, which is all set to kick off on May 22.

Overwatch Second Anniversary Start Time

As of right now, there's not a whole lot of information online about when the Second Anniversary event will go live in Overwatch. However if you look at the time that the original Anniversary event started back in 2017, the Second Anniversary event could kick off at the following times:

  • 8 am PST
  • 11 am EST
  • 4 pm BST
  • 5 pm CEST

The Overwatch Second Anniversary event will bring back a load of old content and cosmetic items to the game (more on all that just below), and it'll be sticking around until June 11. You've therefore got right around three weeks to bag all the new and old cosmetic items, for both old and storied characters like Winston and a Tracer, as well as new characters like Moira and Brigitte.

Overwatch Second Anniversary Event Legendary Skins

We mentioned just above that the Overwatch Second Anniversary event is bringing back a lot of old content to the game, and this is because every single cosmetic item that was ever available through an event is returning. So if you missed Junkrat's Halloween Terror skin, or Mei's Lunar New Year skin, you've got another chance to unlock them.

However there'll also be brand new character skins and other cosmetic items for the more seasoned Overwatch players to earn in the Second Anniversary event from May 22. Blizzard announced there will be a total of eight new Legendary skins, three new Epic skins, and a host of new other cosmetic items like Emotes for characters like Doomfist, Moira, and Brigitte. All added up, there'll be over fifty new cosmetic items for you unlock.

As of right now, the official Overwatch Twitter account has revealed a few new Legendary skins that we'll able to get our hands on in the next few days, which you can see just below:

Just below, you can see some of the Legendary character skins that were featured in last year's Overwatch Anniversary event, to mark one year since the game launched. You'll be able to earn these skins during the Second Anniversary event from May 22, just in case you missed out on bagging any of them last year.

As of May 21, all the character skins shown below leaked online, thanks to the video shown further down:

And now here's our pick of some of the best Overwatch skins that have launched over various events from the last two years, all of which are coming back for the Overwatch Second Anniversary event in loot boxes later this month:

If you log into Overwatch at any time during the Second Anniversary event, you'll receive a Legendary Anniversary Loot Box, with a guaranteed Legendary item waiting for you within. The only way you can earn another one of these unique loot boxes is if you purchase the bundle of fifty Overwatch loot boxes during the event, which retail for $39.99.

Rounding out the new content for the Second Anniversary event is the new Deathmatch map called Petra, which Blizzard has said will have a competitive mode for rank placements, skill rating tiers, and leaderboards.

All this new and old content alike will be featured in Overwatch when the Second Anniversary event kicks off on May 22, and running on until June 11.

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