Dauntless Season 5 Hidden Blades, All Hunt Pass Rewards

Dauntless Season 5 Hidden Blades, All Hunt Pass Rewards

This is a complete guide to the new Dauntless Season 5, including all the Hunt Pass reward tiers available.

Dauntless Season 5 is now well underway, having kicked off back when the game first launched out of early access in mid May. There's a ton of new rewards to earn through the Hidden Blades Hunt Pass, and even more if you're willing to shell out some cash. In this Dauntless Season 5 Hidden Blades guide, we'll be providing you with a complete overview of the way the new pass functions, the full price for the pass, as well as list of all the Season 5 Hidden Blades rewards.

Dauntless Season 5 Hidden Blades Hunt Pass

As Dauntless has just launched out of early access on all platforms, there's a brand new seasonal event to celebrate. Season 5, also known as the Hidden Blades event, carries with it a Hunt Pass, which you're going to need to purchase in order to gain access to the seasonal events and various rewards (more on that later).

The Dauntless Seaosn 5 Hunt Pass is now live. Now that the game has finally come out of early access and launched fully on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, the Season 5 Hunt pass is now available for purchase.

Dauntless Season 5 Hidden Blades Hunt Pass Price

There are three versions of the Dauntless Season 5 Hunt Pass. We'll list out the Dauntless Hunt Pass prices just below, so you know which version of the pass to buy.

  • Basic Track Pass - This pass is entirely free, and grants you the basic 50 reward tiers.
  • Elite Track Pass - Costs 1,000 Platinum, and gives you two new outfits as well as the 50 basic and elite reward tiers.
  • Elite Track Bundle Pass - Costs 2,400 Platinum, gives you two new outfits, 50 basic and elite reward tiers, and immediately unlocks the first 15 tiers.
The new Dauntless Season 5 Hunt Pass options. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Phoenix Labs

In Dauntless, Platinum needs to be purchased with real world money. Below, we've rounded up all the various purchase options for Platinum in Dauntless.

Platinum AmountPrice
1,000 (+150)$9.99
2,500 (+650)$24.99
5,000 (+1,700)$49.99
1,000 (+4,000)$99.99

Dauntless Season 5 Hidden Blades Hunt Pass Rewards

Well, it wouldn't be a 'battle pass' without some reward tiers. Just below, you can see all 50 Dauntless Hunt Pass reward tiers, and the items that they offer. Note that some of the reward tiers for the basic version of the Hunt Pass read N/A. This is where there are no rewards for the free version of the pass.

Pass TierBasic RewardElite Reward
1Bronze Slayer CoreShadow's Face helmet
2Barrage GrenadeGold Slayer Core
325 PlatinumQuicksilver Dye
4Silver Slayer Core50 Platinum
5Moonflower Banner SigilRipper sword
6Bronze Slayer CoreAssassin's Strike Banner Sigil
75,000 RamsThrowing Stars Emote
820 WrathwortAssassin's Strike Signal Flare
950 Aetherdust50 Platinum
10Silver Slayer CoreNight Beacon Lantern
11Bronze Slayer CoreBarrage Grenade
125,000 Rams30 Ace Chips
1325 PlatinumFatal Flourish Repeaters
1430 Ace ChipsSilver Slayer Core
15Death's Cloak Banner FabricLaughing Death Helmet
16N/AHorns of Blood Banner Sigil
1720 WrathwortTransmog Stone
18N/AHorns of Blood Signal Flare
195,000 Rams50 Platinum
20Silver Slayer CoreOgre's Claw Axe
2130 Ace Chips20 Wrathwort
22N/A30 Ace Chips
2325 Platinum50 Aetherdust
24N/AGold Slayer Core
25Moonflower Signal FlareMoratality's Bite Chain Blades
26N/AAssassin's Shield Banner Sigil
27N/ABarrage Grenade
28Bronze Slayer CoreAssassin's Shield Signal Flare
29N/A50 Platinum
3030 Ace ChipsBloodlust Dye
31N/ASilver Slayer Core
32N/A50 Platinum
3330 Ace ChipsOne-Fingered Pushups Emote
34N/AGold Slayer Core
35Staff of the Laughing Death Banner StandardDark Finality War Pike
36N/AFive Truths Banner Sigil
37N/A20 Wrathwort
38Barrage GrenadeFive Truth's Signal Flare
39N/A50 Platinum
4025 PlatinumStarstruck Banner Emote
41N/AGold Slayer Core
42N/A50 Platinum
43N/ATransmog Stone
44N/A50 Aetherdust
45Gold Slayer CoreDemonic Brute Hammer
46N/ASpinning Star Banner Sigil
47N/AFestival Dance Emote
48N/ASpinning Stare Signal Flare
49N/A50 Platinum
50Silent Shadow Character TileThreat Display Emote

If it's more Dauntless content you're after, then we've got you sorted. You can check out our full Dauntless beginner's guide, our in-depth Dauntless weapons guide, our page on the current Dauntless Season 5 Hunt Pass, or the current Dauntless server status page for more.

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