Wizards Unite Professions - Auror, Professor, Magizoologist Professions in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Wizards Unite Professions - Auror, Professor, Magizoologist Professions in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

This is our Harry Potter Wizards Unite Professions guide, explaining whether you should choose to be an Auror, Professor, or Magizoologist.

In Harry Potter Wizards Unite, you can choose from one of three Professions to opt for. These Professions include being an Auror, Professor, or Magizoologist, and each has their own strengths and weaknesses. In our guide to all three Wizards Unite Professions, we'll be going over which Profession you should pick in the game, detailing their key traits and skills.

Wizards Unite Professions

If you tap your ID card when you first start out playing Harry Potter Wizards Unite, you'll see that your Profession slot is empty. Unlike your display name or picture, you can't pick a Profession straight away.

You'll just see 'Profession' when you're first starting out. | USG, Niantic

To unlock the option to pick a Profession in Harry Potter Wizards Unite, you need to level up your witch or wizard to level 6. Your best bet of going about this is quickly as possible is by simply interacting with all the Foundables you come across while walking around the world. The more Foundables you interact with and send back to their proper place, the quicker you'll earn XP and level up to the point at which you can pick a Profession on your ID card.

So what actually are the three Professions in Harry Potter Wizards Unite? Just below, we'll provide you with a brief overview of the Wizards's Unite Professions, before breaking them down in greater detail further down.

  • Aurors - These are combat-oriented veterans, who typically go on the offensive in battles.
  • Professors - The Professors act as a support class in Wizard's Unite, focusing on dealing damage with knowledge of arcane powers.
  • Magizoologists - These wizards are trained to deal with magical creatures, and can also heal others with their spells.

Wizards Unite Aurors

Typically speaking, Aurors in Harry Potter Wizards Unite are really good at going on the offensive against dark magic, but will mostly struggle when dealing with beasts. Below, we've detailed all the spells available to the Aurors in Wizards Unite.

  • Weakening Hex - Lowers a foes power by 50%, costs 1 Focus.
  • Bat-Bogey Hex - Reduces a foes stamina by 3, costs zero Focus.
  • Focus Charm Transfer - Give your own Focus to a chosen teammate, costs 1 Focus.
  • Confusion Hex - Lowers the defense, dodge, and defense breach of a foe by half, costs 1 Focus.

Wizards Unite Professors

The Professor's typical role in Wizards Unite is to support their teammates by buffing their accuracy or Focus. Below, you can find all the unique spells available to Professors in Wizards Unite.

  • Deterioration Hex - Lowers a foes stamina by 80% every time they attack or defend, costs 3 Focus.
  • Mending Charm - Restores a teammates stamina by 4, costs zero Focus.
  • Protection Charm - Increases a teammates defense by 50%, costs 3 Focus.
  • Proficiency Charm - Raises the Proficiency Power of your whole team by 47%, costs 7 Focus.

Wizards Unite Magizoologists

The Magizoologists in Wizards Unite are on hand to help their teammates out, whether it's through reviving them or by buffing their stamina or overall power. You can see the spells available for Magizoologists below.

  • Stamina Charm - Restores a teammates stamina by 30%, costs 2 Focus.
  • Mending Charm - Restores a teammates stamina by 4, costs zero Focus.
  • Revive Charm - Revives a teammate and fully restores their stamina, costs 1 Focus.
  • Bravery Charm - Raises the Power of your entire team against Elite enemies by 150%, costs 7 Focus.

If it's more Wizards Unite content you're after, then you've come to the right place. You can continue ahead to our litany of guides on Niantic's game, including our Harry Potter Wizards Unite server status page, our guide on how to pick a house in Wizards Unite, our guide on how to add friend in Wizards Unite, or our Harry Potter Wizards Unite spell energy guide.

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