Harry Potter Wizards Unite Challenges - Access Fortresses and Complete Wizarding Challenges in Wizards Unite

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Challenges - Access Fortresses and Complete Wizarding Challenges in Wizards Unite

This is our guide on how to complete Wizards Unite challenges, through unlocking Fortresses and completing all the Wizarding Challenge rooms.

Raid activities do feature in Harry Potter Wizards Unite, and they come in the form of Fortresses. In our complete guide to the Wizards Unite Fortresses, we'll be going over how you can unlock the raid activities in Niantic's game, and then how you can go about completing Wizards Unite Wizarding Challenges, within the Fortresses themselves.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Fortresses

After you've completed the tutorial section of Harry Potter Wizards Unite, where you rescue Hagrid from a spider's web, you're free to explore the in-game world. While you're roaming about, you might see some in-game buildings that are double the height of others. These are the Fortresses.

This is one of the many Fortresses. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Niantic

Anyone can access a Fortress Raid, at any time. This isn't like how Raids worked in Pokemon Go, where you'd have to use a special Raid Pass ticket to access the missions between certain times. You can take part in Fortresses whenever you want, as long as you're close enough to the actual building on the map, of course.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Wizarding Challenges

Within these Fortresses, you're going to come up against Wizarding Challenges, which are basically challenge rooms where you have to defeat a set number of enemies, within the time allotted. This is, in basic terms, how the Fortresses function within Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

In the Fortress we encountered, there were a total of 20 Wizarding Challenge rooms (we're still investigating to see if the number of challenges can differ between Fortresses). You need to burn Runes to enter any of the Wizarding Challenge rooms, which are earned through returning Foundables that you find out in the open world to where they're supposed to belong, in your collections menu.

You'll need to use a Runestone to get access to a Wizarding Challenge. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Niantic

Once you've picked a type of Rune to sacrifice in order to enter a Wizarding Challenge room, you need to eliminate all of the enemies in this room, within the time limit in the top right corner of the screen. Note that before you enter a Wizarding Challenge room, any other player interacting with the same Fortress can join you in a lobby, before you proceed into the challenge room together. There'll still be the same number of enemies whether you're with another player or not, so it really is a case of strength in numbers.

Interact with any enemy icon, and you'll go into a one v one battle. You need to align your wand with the circle on the screen, and hold it there until the blue circle around it encloses the icon completely. Then, still holding your wand in place, you need to trace the glyph that appears on screen, to cast a spell at your enemy.

Periodically, you're going to have to block an attack from the enemy. Rather than having to hold your wand in place on screen for this, you can instead block an enemy attack by simply tracing the glyph that appears right before their attack. Think of it as a parry, if you will, where you're greatly reducing the amount of damage you take whenever you successfully trace the glyph to block.

This is the basic flow of combat in Wizarding Challenges in Harry Potter Wizards Unite. Only in between fights with individual enemies can you take potions to heal your stamina and Spell Energy, so make sure to replenish your character before you head into another fight with an enemy.

To the victor goes the spoils. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Niantic

Fortresses and Wizarding Challenges represent the best way to earn items and XP for your character in Harry Potter Wizards Unite. Whenever you complete a single Wizarding Challenge room, you and anyone else who helped you along the way will receive an XP payout, along with some randomized items. After this, you'll have unlocked the next Wizarding Challenge room in the Fortress, where you'll need to use up another Rune to enter.

If it's more Wizards Unite content you're after, then you've come to the right place. You can continue ahead to our litany of guides on Niantic's game, including our Harry Potter Wizards Unite server status page, our guide on how to pick a house in Wizards Unite, our guide on how to add friend in Wizards Unite, or our Harry Potter Wizards Unite spell energy guide.

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