Harry Potter Wizards Unite Servers - How to Fix Server Error on Encounter Start in Wizards Unite

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Servers - How to Fix Server Error on Encounter Start in Wizards Unite

This is our guide to the Harry Potter Wizards Unite server status, including how to get around the server error on encounter start issue.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite has only just launched in the US and European regions, after going live slightly earlier in New Zealand and Australia. It appears like the game is having some server issues though, so in this Harry Potter Wizards Unite server guide, we'll be walking you through all known issues with the servers for Niantic's game. In particular, we'll also be detailing all we know about the Harry Potter Wizards Unite server error on encounter start issue.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Server Status

At the current time, it would appear that servers for Harry Potter Wizards Unite are functioning normally. Since Wizards Unite is a game that needs to be played online due to your connection with the real-world map, it's absolutely essential that servers for the game are working, or else you won't be able to log on to Wizards Unite.

Note that this guide is accurate at the time of writing, on Friday, June 21. Unfortunately there are going to be times where this guide is slightly out of date, although we will be able to update the guide to reflect any server issues for Wizards Unite during the working week. In addition, it doesn't appear as though Niantic has a dedicated website for the server status of Wizards Unite, unlike Apex Legends or Fortnite for example, where we could redirect you to a website showing you the current status of servers for the game.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Server Error on Encounter Start Issue

It would appear as though plenty of players, in both the UK and the US, are receiving one notification in particular when booting up Wizards Unite. Over on Reddit, plenty of folks playing the game have received the following notification on their screen when beginning playing Wizards Unite, which prevents them from going any further into the game.

The 'server error on encounter start' has been popping up for a few players. | Reddit

Unfortunately there isn't a known workaround for this issue, because it's an issue on Niantic's side of things. The 'server error on encounter start' message simply means that the Wizards Unite servers are under a little too much pressure at the time that you're trying to log in.

Although you can't entirely remedy the problem from your phone, we'd recommend entirely closing down the app on your device straight away. Simply wait a few minutes, and then attempt another log in to Wizards Unite. Niantic should be constantly monitoring their server status, so you can bet that any issues with servers for their game won't hang around for long.

If it's more Wizards Unite content you're after, then you've come to the right place. You can continue ahead to our litany of guides on Niantic's game, including our Harry Potter Wizards Unite server status page, our guide on how to pick a house in Wizards Unite, our guide on how to add friend in Wizards Unite, or our Harry Potter Wizards Unite spell energy guide.

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