LA Noire Homicide Mission - The Red Lipstick Murder- Case 1 - Find all Evidence Locations, All Correct Answers, 5-Star Case Rating

A complete guide to getting 5-star ratings in LA Noire’s cases, including where to find newspapers, all evidence locations, and all the correct questions to ask suspects. Traffic, Homicide, Vice, Arson.

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In this LA Noire Red Lipstick murder case guide we’ll be running down all the evidence locations in this homicide Case 1, plus telling you all the correct questions to ask to get a 5-star rating. In this, the first LA Noire homicide case Cole Phelps works, you’ll have to investigate the brutal murder of a woman.

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LA Noire Homicide Mission The Red Lipstick Murder Case Guide - Case 1 Evidence and Questions

In this LA Noire guide to Homicide Case 1, The Red Lipstick Murder in Heaven, we'll detail all the locations and suspects in the case. Read on for how to find all evidence and what questions to ask.

Crime Scene Evidence

  • Inspect victim’s head to reveal blunt force trauma
  • Inspect victim’s torso
  • Inspect victim’s left hand to reveal missing jewelry
  • Talk to the doctor at the scene to get info on the writing and the time of death
  • Inspect Evidence A (Victim’s bag) - Inside is some lipstick
  • Inspect Evidence B (Globe puzzle) - Spin each ring until the pictures line up (very easy). It’s a lighter for The Bamba Club.
  • Inspect Evidence C (Footprints) - revealed to be size 8 shoes.

Bamba Club - Question McColl - Correct Questions

First off, talk to the barman. He’ll point you towards McColl, Club Bamba’s owner and proprietor. When talking to McColl Phelps will have three questions to ask.

  • Question: Suspect seen with victim - Good Cop
  • Question: Ring stolen from victim - Bad Cop
  • Question: Knowledge of husband - Bad Cop

Use the phone in the bar to call in a licence plate.

Henry Residence Evidence

  • Newspaper 5 is inside the Henry residence, on the floor by the front door
  • Inspect dining room to find a female shoe. It’s a size 9
  • Inspect bedroom dressing table to find ring case with a missing ring
  • Inspect bedroom dressing table for picture of Celine wearing the ring
  • Inspect kitchen to find a broken window and evidence of forced entry
  • Inspect note on the refrigerator in kitchen to find evidence of Celine and Jacob’s problems
  • Talk to the neighbor who lives in the house to the left of the Henry residence (she should be out the back)

Jacob Henry's Apartment Evidence

  • Inspect shoes found in case in the bedroom - they are size 11s.
  • Inspect the note on the kitchen counter. Use a pencil to brush over the pad and reveal a ‘Death Threat’ note.

Jacob Henry's Apartment - Question Jacob Henry - Correct Questions

Phelps has three questions to ask Jacob Henry, and he'll need to bring up evidence two times.

  • Question: Movements of victim - Accuse - Point to Bamba Club Lighter
  • Question: Last contact with victim - Good Cop
  • Question: Motive for murder - Accuse - Point to Death Threat Note

After you’ve questioned Jacob he’ll start a fight. Defend yourself and then lay into Jacob.

Make a call in to the office to get info from the doc on the victim’s autopsy, plus details on the car matching the licence plate.

Central Police Station - Question Jacob Henry - Correct Questions

Back at the police station you'll have four questions to ask Jacob Henry. Make sure you bring up the right evidence when you get the chance.

  • Question: Access to murder weapon - Accuse - Point to Husband's alibi
  • Question: Lipstick markings - Good Cop
  • Question: Deterioration of marriage - Accuse - Point to Marital problems
  • Question: Missing jewelry - Good Cop

Mendez's Apartment Evidence

Mendez’s apartment is room 16 on the top floor.

  • Inspect bedroom to find shoes - Size 8s
  • Inspect bedroom to find lipstick in box near window
  • Inspect bedroom to find bloodied socket wrench in box near window

Mendez will flee. Chase him across the rooftops and then in your car. Get close enough to his bumper so your partner can fire at the car and disable it.

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    When interogating Jacob Henry at the Police Station, I was unable to select the option, "point to Husband's alibi" when accusing him of having access to the murder weapon. Are there any other applicable pieces of evidence people have used?
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