Doomfist Guide - How to Play Doomfist in Overwatch, Doomfist Legendary Skins, Is Doomfist OP?

Doomfist Guide - How to Play Doomfist in Overwatch, Doomfist Legendary Skins, Is Doomfist OP?

The fabled Doomfist is finally here, and all our Overwatch heroes will have a tough time getting to grips with him.

The latest Overwatch character to join the roster of heroes comes in the form of Doomfist, teased by developer Blizzard over the past few weeks. Doomfist is the leader of the villainous Talon group, formed of Reaper, Sombra, and Widowmaker. In this Overwatch Doomfist guide, we'll be running down how to play Doomfist, how to kill Doomfist, and Doomfist Legendary Skins.

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Overwatch Doomfist Guide - How to Play Doomfist

Having been available previously on the PTR for a matter of weeks now, Doomfist was finally introduced into the full Overwatch game on July 27. The leader of the Talon group formed on Reaper, Sombra, and Widowmaker, Doomfist's backstory was fully expanded upon in the Overwatch Masquerade comic, released online by Blizzard.

In the comic, Doomfist regroups with Talon after their failed attempt to kill Katya Volskaya (which you may remember from Sombra's short animated film), and leads them on another mission in a casino in Monaco. The Masquerade comic concludes with the group meeting with an unidentified Onmic, as Doomfist states "We have a war to start."

Doomfist Abilities

As you might expect, the majority of Doomfist's abilities revolve around the actual Doomfist gauntlet on his right arm. We'll be rounding up all Doomfist abilities right here for you, in order to get you to grips with Overwatch's latest hero in no time at all.

  • Rocket Punch - This ability on the right trigger charges up for over a few seconds, and can them be released in the desired direction, propelling Doomfist several meters forwards and damaging any enemies caught in the path. Bear in mind that the Rocket Punch ability doesn't have incredible range, and can be released any time before being fully charged up, at the cost of inflicting lesser damage.
  • Uppercut - The close range Uppercut ability on the left shoulder button delivers some big damage to any enemies within a few meters from Doomfist, carrying them up into the air with him. Doomfist hovers in the air for a few seconds after using the Uppercut ability, which is the ideal time to use his Seismic Slam ability on the right shoulder button.
  • Seismic Slam - The slam ability causes Doomfist to slam the ground immediately in front of him, delivering shock damage to anyone caught in the considerable blast radius. The Seismic Slam ability is best used when Doomfist is hovering in the air after the Uppercut ability, as although the damage from the actual attack isn't all that powerful, you get an overview of the battlefield while you're up in the air, giving you the chance to survey the most ideal point to strike.
  • LMB Hand Cannon - This is a short range cannon that Doomfist can use to hit enemies nearby from range. The Hand Cannon has a decent spread attack, but Doomfist can only fire off four shots, and has to wait for a limited time for each individual shot to recharge. In other words, you should use these shots sparingly to a degree, and hold one shot in reserve for use in desperate circumstances.

Doomfist Ultimate Ability

Doomfist's Ultimate Ability comes in the form of the Meteor Strike, in which he jumps up in the air, and a blast radius forms on the ground. For a limited time, you can move this blast radius around the map, and cause Doomfist to come crashing back down to Earth, causing damage to every character caught in the blast. This attack doesn't deal a massive amount of damage, but you should aim to use it on the maximum amount of enemies possible, or to protect a certain point on the map, like the Payload.

How to Kill Doomfist

Just looking at Doomfist, you can tell that he's not a character you want to get particularly close to on the battlefield. Your best counter to Doomfist is to generally stay as far away from him as you can, and attack him using ranged weapons. Soldier: 76's Helix Rockets are great for taking out Doomfist, as Overwatch's newest character only has 250 health points, not boasting a fantastic amount of defence.

Is Doomfist OP?

Given all that we know about Doomfist, and despite the character packing a pretty hefty punch, we'd have to conclude that no, Doomfist is not OP. The reason for this is that the character doesn't have a solid health bar, at least when you compare him to the likes of Roadhog and Reinhardt. Although Doomfist has ranged capability in his Hand Cannon, it's fairly slow to reload, and as long as you can keep strafing and avoid most of his shots, the likes of Soldier: 76 and Pharah should be able to take down Doomfist fairly easily.

Doomfist Legendary Skins

We've laid out all the current Doomfist Legendary skins available at launch just below. As expected, all Doomfists's Legendary Skins currently cost the standard 1,000 gold, although any additional skins that Blizzard add in future for the character could always cost more, as seen with D.Va's Anniversary Skin.

Doomfist's Legendary Irin Skin.
Doomfist's Legendary Caution Skin.
Doomfist's Legendary Avatar Skin.
Doomfist's Legendary Spirit Skin.

Is Doomfist Played by Terry Crews?

No, Doomfist is not played by Terry Crews of Brooklyn 99 fame. Despite appealing to Blizzard numerous times for the role of Doomfist, and once even appearing at Blizzard HQ, Terry Crews is not the voice of Doomfist, as the role instead went to Sahr Ngaujah.

That's all the information we currently have to share on our experience so far with Overwatch's Doomfist, although if Blizzard make any changes to the character, you can be sure we'll update this guide accordingly.

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