Overwatch - How to Play Bastion

Overwatch - How to Play Bastion

This robot is one of Overwatch's most loved and hated heroes. Learn how to play him here.

The robot hero Bastion is probably one of the more contentious heroes in Overwatch. His Sentry turret form is easy to use and give Bastion access to hit damage if he can find the right spot. If you're new to the game, he's one of the easiest Defense heroes to learn if you want to be effective.

If you're instead looking for help on mastering other areas of the game, head on over to our guides hub page for Overwatch. Here you can find other character guides, as well as general tips and tricks articles.

Configuration: Recon

In the standard Recon mode, Bastion can chug around the map, shooting enemies with a mid-range semi-automatic rifle with decent damage. Clip Size: 20.

Configuration: Sentry

Sentry mode is Bastion's real primary weapon. Sentry mode locks Bastion in place and changes his weapon into a gatling gun. This gun does crazy damage, spins up quickly, and Bastion can track targets in 360 degrees around itself. Find the right spot and Bastion can defend points like a champ. Placing Bastion on a vantage point, or on a payload itself, can have a devastating effect on the enemy team. Clip Size: 200.


This is Bastion switching between either Configuration. Changing from Recon to Sentry takes 1 second, while changing in reverse is half a second. If you're taking heat in Sentry mode, switch to Recon to keep fighting while you change position.


Bastion can repair itself. Duck around a corner and activate this to regain 25 percent of Bastion's health each second. Bastion can thankfully move while doing this, so you don't necessarily have to be hidden to engage this healing move.

Ultimate: Configuration: Tank

Tank configuration turns Bastion into a mobile cannon with infinite ammo. It fires rockets that do crazy direct damage and additional splash damage. It adds 150 armor to your health for protection, making it great for pushing into objectives or clearing out clusters of enemies. With support throwing heals or shield, Bastion Tank is a monster.

How to Play Bastion

Find a good spot overlooks a control point or payload objective. Switch to Sentry mode. Sweep across the area until you see an enemy. Fire. Kill them. Repeat. Bastion is super simple on the low end. It's all about where you position yourself: don't give snipers an open shot at you and you're golden. Sentry mode has crazy damage and crazy range.

Always bear in mind that Bastion isn't an attack hero. You can put him on the moving payload, but for the most part, Bastion relies on his Sentry mode to be effective, which makes things hard on offense.

When to Use Bastion

Reinhardt/Winston: Bastion's gatling gun can chew up these heroes' shields. A number of players don't realize these shield have HP, but a Bastion volley can make short work of them.

What to Watch Out For When Playing Bastion

Genji: Deflect will reflect your Sentry mode turret fire back at you. Plus he's a flank attacker, so like Tracer and Reaper, you need to watch out.

Tracer: Flanking plus Pulse Bombs means you can be dead before you even knew what hit you.

Roadhog: Chain Hook can pull you out of Sentry mode completely.

Hanzo/Widowmaker: Snipers can hurt Bastion in Sentry mode if you're not paying attention, hopping out of cover to ping you in the head.

Symmetra: Symmetra's secondary fire is normally easy to avoid, but for Bastion in Sentry mode, you're stuck. It'll do solid damage, even if you see it coming. This can force Bastion into Recon mode, which takes the character away from its main focus.

Junkrat: Junkrat's Frag Launcher can shoot grenades around corners, meaning you can be hit by someone you can't see.

Bastion might be one of Overwatch's most powerful heroes, but only when used in the right circumstances. We've given you all the tips and tricks on utilising Bastion, now all that's left is for you to get into the fight with the machine.

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