Overwatch - How to Play D.Va

Overwatch - How to Play D.Va

This gamer wields a powerful mech suit that can take some punishment. Here's great strategies for D.Va.

D.Va is probably the most unique tank, as she's actually two different characters: there's the mech and D.Va herself. The mech can soak up damage and Boosters allow her to get in close and use her Fusion Cannons. Once the mech is gone, D.Va can still deal a little damage while she gets to safety.

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D.Va Move List

Primary (Mech): Fusion Cannons

D.Va's main weapon while in the Mech is her Fusion Cannons. These weapons slow D.Va down while in use, but they have an infinite clip and never reload. This means D.Va can pour on the damage to a specific target. There's some fall-off in damage and poor accuracy at range, so you want to be using the Fusion Cannons up close or at mid-range. Clip Size: Infinite


Boosters allow D.Va to launch herself in the direction of her crosshairs, making her one of the few Tanks that can engage snipers directly. You'll boost forward for 2 seconds and the ability has a short cooldown of 5 seconds, so you'r meant to use it all the time. Boosters also means D.Va is one of the few Tanks that can get back into the fight quickly, or escape one if need be. The knock back of Booster's charge can also be used to knock heroes off ledges and into pits.

Defense Matrix

Defense Matrix is D.Va's primary shield. For 3 seconds, Defense Matrix will completely absorb any incoming fire in an area directly in front of D.Va. The issue here is you have to know where you're being attacked from and face in that direction. This can even absorb some Ultimates, like Pharah's Barrage, Bastion's Tank mode, and McCree's Deadeye.

Unfortunately, it can't handle most physical or channelled attacks. Mei, Winston, Zarya, and Symmetra have one up on D.Va, Zenyatta's Discord Orb is a big problem, and Roadhog's Chain Hook can pull you in close.

D.Va's Ultimate (Mech): Self-Destruct

D.Va jumps from her Mech and sets it to self-destruct, creating the largest bomb in Overwatch. Self-Destruct will kill anyone in the blast radius, including D.Va. (Teammates are safe.) Self-Destruct is meant to clear an area, like a control point or escort payload. Thanks to its 4 second cast time, you can use Boosters and then activate Self-Destruct to create a mobile bomb. This is great for taking out turrets and the entire enemy team without putting yourself in harm's way.

Also, if your Mech is low on HP and there's not a healer around, Self-Destruct is a good use of the mech's remaining life.

Primary (Pilot): Light Gun

If she's not in her Mech, D.Va can still attack at any range with her blaster. The Light Gun can headshot, but this mostly gives you options while you get away. It also helps recharge your Ultimate to call your mech back into battle.

D.Va's Ultimate: Call Mech

If D.Va doesn't have a mech currently, she generates Ultimate energy every second naturally or through the use of Light Gun. When fully charged, she can call her Mech back into battle, dealing melee damage and knocking back any enemy in the area.

How to Play D.Va

D.Va, like Roadhog, can soak up damage in her base form. Her Mech has 500 HP and Defense Matric means she can actually mitigate some incoming damage as well. She's an offensive tank, meant to charge in close with Boosters and deal sustained damage at close range. D.Va is great for contesting control points and can clean up snipers and other pesky heroes that would stall other Tanks.

Which Overwatch Heroes D.Va Plays Great Against

Widowmaker: Boosters and Defense Matrix mean D.Va can approach Widowmaker directly without worrying about incoming damage. Once in range, there's little the sniper can do to stop you with your high HP pool.

Bastion/Torbjorn: Once again, Booster and Defense Matrix means D.Va can charge Bastion in Sentry mode or Torbjorn's turrets with impunity.

Which Heroes D.Va Doesn't Work Well Against

Zarya: Zarya can tank D.Va's damage with Particle Barrier and her channeled Primary weapon is not affected by Defense Matrix. In a one-on-one fight, Zarya wins most of the time.

Mei: Likewise, Endothermic Blaster ignores Defense Matrix, leading to a frozen Mech for other heroes to pummel. Mei's Ice Wall also counters Self-Destruct quite well.

Zenyatta: Like the other tanks, you need to watch out for Discord Orb, which levels the playing field for other attackers.

Now that we've gone through the best tactics to employ when using the flying mech pilot, all that's left for you to do is to take these tactics into the heat of battle in Overwatch with D.Va.

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