Overwatch - How to Play Hanzo

Overwatch - How to Play Hanzo

The year of the bow will never end with Hanzo in your corner. Learn how to use this hard Defense hero.

Hanzo is in an odd position as a hero. He's definitely a sniper with a long range attack, but he lacks the scope of Widowmaker. Hanzo is meant to push ahead a bit more than Widowmaker, acting somewhat like a faster version of McCree. Hanzo is super dangerous in the hands of a master, but he's harder to learn than some other characters.

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Hanzo Move List

Primary: Storm Bow

Hanzo's primary is the Storm Bow, a weapon that has an unlimited clip, but only fires one shot at a time. The basic mechanic is when you press the fire button, Hanzo nocks an arrow in his bow. Release immediately and he fires a quick shot that does less damage and has a noticeable arc to it. Hold the arrow for the full charging time (1 second) and Hanzo fires an arrow that travels a long distance and does a great deal of damage. Hanzo moves slow while charging an arrow and you can hit the secondary fire to cancel.

Since it fires on release, unlike every other weapon in the game, and requires fairly good accuracy, Hanzo's primary weapon is one of the hardest in the game to master. Clip size: Infinite or 1, depending on your point of view.

Wall Climb

Like Genji, Hanzo can wall climb by holding on the jump key when facing towards a wall. Use this to gain height and snipe from above.

Sonic Arrow

Hanzo's Sonic Arrow allows him to mark targets within a small range of the arrow's landing spot. It's very good to fire into control points or choke points, so you can catch enemies when they pop out of cover. Sonic Arrow's tracking is also shared with your teammates, making it valuable for other heroes like Bastion.

You can attach Sonic Arrow directly to enemies and otherwise, they work just like normal arrows when it comes to damage capability. Use them to mark flankers for the duration of the arrow, which is 10 seconds total.

Scatter Arrow

The fragmentation arrow can be fired into close quarters, exploding on contact into 5 arrows that each bounce 3 times. These arrows can hit multiple times, so using them in a corridor or choke point is recommended. Most enemies can't jump Hanzo because of the Scatter Arrow, which is his version of the shotgun. Aim at the feet of your enemies to hit them with a spray of arrows, but watch out uneven ground.

Ultimate: Dragonstrike

Hanzo fires twin spirit dragons that ignore all level geometry, traveling in a straight line and dealing crazy damage to any enemy trapped in their path. The dragons will fire towards Hanzo's crosshair after a short cast time.

Dragonstrike is best used to surprise enemies through walls and other shields. Use this in tandem with Sonic Arrow or Widowmaker's Infra-Sight to set up the perfect shot. It's all about disruption, tearing down a well placed enemy encampment. Bastions in Sentry mode, Torbjorn turret, Widowmakers, and even slow, shielded tanks are washed away in the Dragonstrike's wake.

How to Play Hanzo

If Widowmaker is a pure sniper, Hanzo is about sniping on the go. Unlike Widowmaker, Hanzo is more built to work just as well in mid-range. His weapon isn't hitscan like Widowmaker, so it doesn't hit immediately; his shots have travel time. Hanzo is about being near the rest of your team, picking off support heroes and weaken members of the opposing team. You may not whittle them down, but you will finish them off, especially with Scatter Arrow and Dragonstrike.

Who Hanzo is a Great Counter For

Bastion: Bastion's Sentry move keeps it stationary, meaning it's a sitting duck for a great Hanzo. The Dragonstrike Ultimate will also clean up a Sentry Bastion in no time.

Zenyatta: Slow moving healer means easy pickings for Hanzo.

Which Heroes Are Strong Against Hanzo

Winston/D.Va: Both of these tanks can approach Hanzo directly while soaking up incoming fire. Winston can leap towards you and D.Va's Boosters allow her to charge directly at you, while Defense Matrix protects her from arrows.

Tracer: Tracer's high speed makes her painfully hard to hit if you haven't mastered Hanzo's Storm Bow. You best best is to catch her in an enclosed area or choke point and use Scatter Arrow.

Widowmaker: In a sniper vs. sniper fight, Widowmaker retain the advantage thanks to her longer range. As Hanzo closes the distance though, this fight starts to turn in his favor, as he can keep moving and retains his full field of vision while using his bow.

Hanzo might be one of the more difficult heroes to master in Overwatch, but if you've got some sharp reflexes and a quick eye, then he could be your new favorite hero.

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