Overwatch - How to Play Lucio

Overwatch - How to Play Lucio

Pump up the jams with with mobile frontline Support healer!

Lucio is the most mobile of the support heroes, outside of Mercy's excellent Guardian Angel. He can zip around the battlefield, run along walls, and generally keep pace with his team. Lucio can heal and boost his team, much like Mercy, but his mechanic is completely different.

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Lucio Move List

Primary: Sonic Amplifier

Lucio main weapon is this sonic blaster, which fires four shots for each burst. The projectiles travel straight and have a decent distance, so it's good to spam while you're running around healing your team. Spam and clean up is all it's really good for though.

The secondary fire also uses 4 shots, but has a ton of push back. This move is all about creating distance between Lucio and the enemy. You can also knock enemies off ledges or into pits. Clip Size: 20


Like Mercy, Lucio has two modes: healing and speed boosts. He has a general area effect aura that's always on and Crossfade determines what they aura does. Most of the time, you'll want it on healing, but when your team is pushing, you'll also want to use speed boost.

You can also go into the Option menu, select Lucio in the dropdown menu and turn Crossfade to a hold, not a toggle. This way, Crossfade will default to healing, except when you hold down the activation key to change it to speed boost.

Amp It Up

Amp It Up simply increases the benefit of Lucio's sound aura for 3 seconds. You heals become much stronger and your speed boost much faster. It's best to use Amp it Up when you whole team is taking sustained damage, like when you're holding a contested point.

Lucio's Ultimate: Sound Barrier

Sound Barrier temporarily gives his allies 500 HP shield that degrade over time. The early part of Sound Barrier is great for blunting the effect of enemy Ultimates, like McCree's Deadeye, Reaper's Death Blossom, or Soldier 76's Tactical Visor. D.Va's Self-Destruct and Junkrat's Rip-Tire will burn through the Sound Barrier though.

How to Play Lucio

Lucio is the only healer with a sustain area of effect health and the only hero that can give speed buffs. He's meant to help your team press the attack. Lucio is there in the midst of the battle, giving heals and speed boosts to his allies while popping off some damage here and there.

You have to stay in the middle of the action though, so a great Lucio players has to always be moving and always be using abilities like Wall Run to stay away from high-damage enemies.

Lucio is amazing on Control maps, getting your team in position first.

Who Lucio Plays Great Against

D.Va/Winston: Both of these characters are low-damage tanks as mid-range. This mean you simply have to avoid them, stay at range, and whittle them down.

Reaper: Same deal here. Stay at range in order to keep Reaper from really doing solid damage to you, while your healing aura keeps you topped up.

Which Character to Watch Out For While Playing as Lucio

McCree: Being a frontline hero in the midst of things, means Lucio has no time to avoid McCree's Peacekeeper. Flashbang will stop you dead and Fan the Hammer will kill you.

We've given you all our collective knowledge on how to successfully play Lucio, which will enable you to be the best Support character you can possibly be for your team.

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