Overwatch - How to Play McCree

Overwatch - How to Play McCree

It's high noon and McCree has some bodies to put in the ground. Get the lowdown on this cowboy.

McCree is a future cowboy dealing damage with his trusty six-shot revolver. He's a precise attacker that's comfortable at medium and long ranges.

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McCree Move List

Primary: Peacekeeper

McCree's primary is a six-shot revolver, whose damage drops off with increasing distance. At mid-range, McCree is all about great aim; if you want to play him, you need precise target tracking. His secondary fire, Fan the Hammer, unloads the entire clip at once, which is great up close. Clip size: 6

Combat Roll

This is McCree's dive move, allowing him to avoid damage. You'll dive roll in the direction you're moving, not the direction you're facing, so use Combat Roll to exit combat while shooting your enemies. Combat Roll also reloads your clip, allowing you to attack in succession while running away.


This move is the bane of many players, stunning enemies in melee range of McCree for just under a second. The best follow up after a successful Flashbang is Peacekeeper's secondary fire; it's a one-two combo that can finish most enemies. Flashbang > Fan the Hammer > Combat Roll > Fan the Hammer is dangerous.

Ultimate: Deadeye

McCree slows down to target opponents within range, dealing a headshot to each enemy afterward. It take times for McCree's zone in on an opposing hero, based mostly on their available health: less health, quicker tracking. In total, it's 1 second per 100 health, meaning high HP heroes can leave you vulnerable. This is a clean up move, not one used to wade into battle.

How to Play McCree

McCree is at his best when he has a solid Tank that he can stand behind. From behind the protection of a shield, McCree can deal scary damage at mid-range, allowing his team to push into a control point. He's a burst damage hero in the right hands and is great in clearing out flanking heroes.

When to Play as McCree

Reaper/Tracer: Both of these heroes are about getting behind enemy lines to deal damage and mess up teams. McCree's Flashbang helps him stop both in their tracks, while his secondary fire kills them. Pharah: With solid aim, McCree's primary fire can destroy airborne Pharahs.

Reinhardt: A few Fan the Hammers at mid-range can kill Reinhardt's Barrier Field and Flashbang is good for taking the hefty tank out of the fight for a bit.

What to Watch Out For When Playing as McCree

Bastion: McCree's movement without Combat Roll is slow, slow, slow. Bastion's Sentry turret can put McCree in a quick grave.

Genji: Deflect is your greatest nightmare as it returns most of your high damage attacks, even Flashbang. A Genji fight is about getting that player to use Deflect and then killing them during the 8 second cooldown.

Hanzo/Widowmaker: Snipers in general are a hard counter to McCree's slow movement speed.

We've gone over when the best opportunities to use McCree are, as well as when not to take the character into battle. All that's left is for you to apply these tips and tricks to up your game as the futuristic cowboy.

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