Overwatch - How to Play Roadhog

Overwatch - How to Play Roadhog

This Tank hero is all about being in your face. Learn how to master Roadhog.

This Mad Max refugee is the Overwatch hero with the highest health pool at 600 HP. He's the Offensive Tank, built to take the hits and keep on killing. With his Chain Hook and Scrap Gun, Roadhog can get in close and make you wish you were dead.

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Overwatch Roadhog Move List

Primary: Scrap Gun

Roadhog's Scrap Gun is essentially a shotgun blast, firing shrapnel in a short range. If you happen to connect with the full fire, Scrap Gun can kill most of the weaker Overwatch heroes. Secondary fire gives Roadhog some more range, firing a scrap grenade that explodes at range, dealing the same damage as Scrap Gun's full primary fire. This is good for larger targets and hitting enemies at mid-range. Clip Size: 4

Take A Breather

Roadhog has no way to stop damage from coming in, but he can heal if given a moment. Take A Breather heals Roadhog for half his HP over the course of 1 second. If you're hurt, duck around a corner and use this to get back in the fight. You're immobile while using it and can be stunned, so make sure you're in the clear. This ability is meant to be used all the time, keeping Roadhog topped up without the need for a healer.

Chain Hook

Roadhog's Chain Hook is his most important ability, allowing the hefty hero to pull fresh prey into melee range. The chain is thrown out in a straight line and if it hits an enemy, it yanks them towards Roadhog, stunning them for a short period of time. Like Reinhardt, Roadhog is not a mobile character, so use this to pull characters who are high up into punishment range.

Chain Hook > Scrap Gun > Melee is a devastating combo for Roadhog. Learn it, use it. Most Support and Defense heroes will be dead if you hit them with this combo and many Offense heroes are in the same boat. It doesn't go through shields and barriers, so save it for non-Tank targets, unless you can catch Reinhardt from the side.

Chain Hook can be used to cancel certain abilities and Ultimates! Reinhardt's Charge and the Ultimates of Roadhog, McCree, Pharah, and Reaper are susceptible to Chain Hook. Bastion in Sentry mode? Chain Hook can pull them right out of it!

Roadhog's Ultimate: Whole Hog

Roadhog crams his Scrap Gun with ammo, turning it into a gatling gun for 6 seconds. Roadhog moves much slower while using this, so save it for choke points or pitched battles at control points. Track your targets and let Whole Hog damage push them back. The knockback is really where Whole Hog shines, letting your team push into an area, as well as potentially pushing enemies off the edge of maps.

How to Play Roadhog

Roadhog is the offensive Tank, dealing damage and surging ahead. He's built to survive alone, killing enemies and healing himself in enemy territory. You want to rush into control points and use Chain Hook to pull targets into melee range. Roadhog is a fighter, not a defender. You're a Tank because you're the biggest target and you can survive the hits, not because you can actually protect your team. Get in there and make the enemy pay.

Roadhog is great on defense as well, since his slow movement speed isn't an issue while defending a control point. On offense, you need to worry about dying, because it takes Roadhog time to get back into the fight.

Who Roadhog Plays Great Against

Pharah: You can Chain Hook Pharah back to Earth and kill her with your Scrap Gun/Melee combo. Smooth criminal.

Who to Watch Out For When Playing Roadhog

Reaper: If Chain Hooked, Reaper can simply use Wraith Form to get away. Combined with the high damage output of his Hellfire Shotguns and you have something to worry about.

McCree: You're pretty much worried about Flashbang and Fan the Hammer here. If McCree catch you with Flashbang, it interrupts Whole Hog and Take a Breather. Otherwise, this is about losing precious health. You best bet is to Chain Hook McCree before he can Flashbang you.

Roadhog is undoubtedly one of the tougher heroes in Overwatch, but you'll still need to have your wits about you if you want to survive against the firepower of an enemy team.

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