Overwatch - How to Play Soldier 76

Overwatch - How to Play Soldier 76

Learn how to answer the call of duty with this basic Offense hero.

Soldier 76 is Captain America of Overwatch and is one of the easier Offense heroes to learn. He plays a lot like what you would expect from modern shooters like Call of Duty or Battlefield, with a standard automatic rifle and sprint ability. Relatively boring from a play and visual perspective, but quite effective.

Soldier 76 might be one of the central characters of Overwatch, but if you're instead after any further character strategy guides, then head on to our Overwatch guides walkthrough hub.

Soldier 76 Move List

Primary: Heavy Pulse Rifle

Soldier 76's rifle is fully automatic, with crosshairs that become somewhat less accurate when you hold down the fire button. Fire it in bursts to keep your accuracy up. Clip size: 25

Helix Rockets

These rockets are the secondary fire for Soldier 76. No tricks here: they fire straight and damage enemies within a small distance of the explosion. Aim at the feet, because Helix Rockets have to hit something to explode.


Soldier 76 can sprint, moving much faster than the average hero. His Sprint is indefinite: it lasts until you cancel it or take an action that's not just running. Sprint also has no cooldown. This make Soldier 76 one of the heroes that can get back into battle quickly after death.

Biotic Field

Soldier 76's Biotic Field is a healing region that can be placed on the ground, making him one of the few Offense heroes with a Support ability. 76 can drop the field in a safe spot or control point and get back to fighting.

Soldier 76's Ultimate: Tactical Visor

Soldier 76's Ultimate ability locks his aim on the enemy closest to his crosshairs for 6 seconds. It's a built-in Aim Assist that allows 76 to keep mobile while doing great damage. It's awesome for cleaning up opponents milling about a control point.

How to Play Soldier 76

Soldier 76 also great flanker, shooting at enemies from behind cover in short bursts using his primary and secondary fire. The Heavy Pulse Rifle and Helix Rockets give him great damage at almost any range. 76 can help in pushing an objective or escorting the payload, but he's not a lone wolf fighter. Instead, use him to clean up supports and low-health enemies in a pitched battle.

He does solid, sustained damage, his Sprint allows him to get to a fight quickly, and Biotic Field gives him a pinch heal. 76 is not a burst damage character though, so be prepared to keep your crosshairs focused. Since he's such a vanilla hero, you can take Soldier 76 into almost any mode and expect to perform well.

Which Heroes Soldier 76 Plays Well Against

Pharah: The Heavy Pulse Rifle is great for tracking and killing a Pharah in mid-air. Helix Rockets can mess up a Pharah that's using her Ultimate, which makes her stationary. Being airborne also makes Pharah a great Tactical Visor target.

Mercy: The Pulse Rifle and Helix Rockets can shred a Mercy with little issue.

Who to Watch Out for as Soldier 76

Junkrat: Junkrat's Frag Launcher does burst damage, taking down Soldier 76's health real quick. Steel Trap allows negate 76's defining Sprint ability for a short period of time.

As one of Overwatch's central characters, Soldier 76 will undoubtedly be a popular choice among players both new and old, and we've given you the best tactics to employ while playing as him.

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