Overwatch - How to Play Symmetra

Here's some great strategies for controlling the battlefield with Symmetra

Symmetra is technically the other turret character, but her turrets don't deal huge amounts of damage. Instead Symmetra is all about controlling the battlefield, slowing down enemies, and providing your team with a quick way back to the main fight.

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Symmetra Move List

Primary: Photon Projector

Symmetra's weapon is a short-range channelled beam that actually gets stronger the longer you keep it on a target. Like other channelled weapons, aiming is mostly taken care of for you: the weapon will lock onto the closest enemy to your crosshairs. There are three levels to Symmetra's beam weapon and you want to keep sustained fire on an enemy to stay in the higher levels. This means chasing enemies from the fringes of the battlefield.

The Photon Projectors secondary fire is where Symmetra will do most of her damage. The Photon Orb travels through all targets and shields, so it's good to attack tanks and those behind them. It takes around 2 seconds to fully charge a Photon Orbs, so be prepared for the run up. Your best bet is to use Photon Orbs from far away to annoy and hurt the enemy team. They travel slow, so enemies can see them coming, but most of the time, they're more concerned with your offensive teammates. Stay in the back and take potshots. The Orb is also great for turrets and Bastion Sentries. Clip Size: 100.

Sentry Turret

These small turrets fire a slowing beam at enemies when they pass by. They do damage as well, but that's secondary to the slowing effect. You can place a maximum number of 6 turrets. You want to handicap the enemy team by placing turrets in choke points and corridors. I recommend placing them on the inner door of a corridor, where opponents will take a hit before they can destroy your turrets. Hide your turrets instead of leaving them in the open.

You can also use the turrets as early warning alarms, so you get an indication when a turret activates or is destroyed.

If you place a turret and you already have 6 out, it replaces the oldest turret in your arsenal.

Photon Shield

Symmetra can gives her allies a 25 HP shield. It's not Zarya level, but the shield can be placed on multiple allies, has no duration, and the cooldown is only 1 second. Like Mercy's healing, you want to keep Photon Shields up on your team.

Symmetra's Ultimate: Teleporter

Symmetra places a teleporter pad at her current location that connects to a teleport pad at your spawn point. This is great for allied heroes that have slow movement speed, allowing to get back into the battle quickly. Using Symmetra's teleporter can allow for a sustained push on a contested point. It has 6 charges, at which point it disappears. You cannot gain more Ultimate charge while your Teleporter is live.

The Teleporter is great at the beginning of a Defending match and the end of an Offense match. In both cast, the distance from the spawn to the objective is longer. Note: The spot you're standing in when you place the Teleporter down is where your allies appear when they teleport it. Don't leave them in a bad spot.

How to Play Symmetra

Symmetra is a short range support that requires solid choke points. You want to keep shields on your team and put your turrets in good hiding spots to slow down the enemy team. Otherwise, make sure you leave your Teleporter in a great hiding spot, as flanking Offense heroes will try to take it out. You can attack the Tanks, as your Primary weapon ignores their shields and barriers, but that's not your overall focus.

You're mostly around to buff the team and slow down the other team. Use the Photon Orb in between these main focuses to take shots at enemy turrets, Tanks, and Bastion Sentries.

The Heroes That Symmetra Plays Well Against

Genji/Tracer/Reaper: All of the flankers can have their carefully laid plan turned from a Symmetra with spread out turrets. These not only slow these flankers down, but they also let Symmetra know where they're coming from.

Reinhardt/D.Va: Your primary weapon ignore their shields and they're slow-moving, so Photon Orb can tag them.

Bastion: Photon Orb Bastion to do damage and get them out of Sentry mode.

Who to Watch Out For While Playing as Symmetra

Pharah: Pharah's range puts her out of Symmetra's range and the Rocket Launchers will chew through your turrets.

Junkrat: Junkrat can spam grenades to destroy your turrets, your Teleporter, and you. Avoid.

As always, the strategies we've given you here will up your game as Symmetra, meaning you can become a more reliable Support to your team.

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