Overwatch - How to Play Torbjorn

Overwatch - How to Play Torbjorn

Drop turrets, kill enemies. Learn how to best use Torbjorn.

Torbjorn is a Swedish engineer who acts like an alternate counterpart to Bastion. While the big robot becomes the turret itself, Torbjorn builds and repairs his turrets. The other difference is in setup time; Torbjorn can upgrade his turrets given enough time.

Torbjorn is just one character in the game of Overwatch, and if you'd like to know how to master any of the other characters found in the game, head on over to our Overwatch guides walkthrough hub. This hub features other character strategy guides just like this one, as well as general tips and tricks for playing the game in any situation.

Torbjorn Move List

Primary: Rivet Gun

The Rivet Gun is Torbjorn's primary weapon, but it's not really his primary because he's all about Turrets (more on that soon). The gun has arcing bullets, which is decent from medium to long range with some solid damage. The Rivet Gun's secondary fire is a short range blast of molten shrapnel. Clip Size: 18.

Forge Hammer

Torbjorn's Forge Hammer is used to upgrade and repair his turrets. It can do some quick melee attacks to any enemies, but repair is the main idea. If you have to attack directly with Torbjorn, switch to the Rivet Gun.

Collect Scrap

This is Torbjorn's passive ability. When enemies die around this hero, they drop scrap. If Torbjorn picks scrap up, you can then use it to make armor for yourself and allies. Each enemy death drops one Scrap, which is 25 units. Torbjorn can hold up to 200 scrap and Armor Packs cost 50 scrap. If you're willing to run out into battle, Torbjorn can support his team with more than just the turret.

Build Turret

This is the meat and potatoes, folks. Torbjorn can drop a free-standing turret anywhere on the map. The turret will track and shoot anyone on the opposing team. The tracking is flawless and the turret can shred, even at a fairly long range. The turret itself has three levels.

  • Level 1 - Free to drop, 150 HP
  • Level 2 - Upgrading a Level 1 Turret with 5 swings of the Forge Hammer creates a Level 2 Turret. 300 HP, does more damage. A Level 1 Turret has to be at full health before upgrading.
  • Level 3 - Activating Torbjorn's Ultimate turns any turret into a Level 3. 800 HP, crazy damage.

Dropping a new turret causes your old one to disappear. The trick to turrets is realizing you need a little time to upgrade to Level 2. You want to drop your turrets at the edge of corners, so you can stay safe which still having access to repair and upgrade your turret.

Armor Pack

Torbjorn creates Armor for himself and teammates, based on the Scrap he's picked up. Armor Packs are physical pickups Torbjorn throws onto the battlefield. His throw is short range, so Torbjorn has to move to allies to equip them.

Torbjorn Ultimate: Molten Core

Torbjorn overheats, gaining a faster attack rate with the Rivet Gun, a faster build rate with the Forge Hammer, 300 additional armor, some Scrap, and upgrading Torbjorn's turret to Level 3. It's a good saving throw if Torbjorn is attacked, due to the extra armor, but can also lay on the firepower if the opposing team pushes.

How to Play Torbjorn

Despite the fact that most Torbjorn players drop the turret and then stay near it, the best part of Torbjorn is the fact that you can drop the turret in a good spot and still do solid damage on your own. Once you understand the arc of the Rivet Gun, it's a fairly accurate damage dealer. Get your Turret up to Level 2 and then go play in the immediate area; you don't want to move too far from the turret, but you should be latched to it either.

Positioning your turret is everything here. Take a look at the opposing team and determine where you want your turret to go. If there's a Widowmaker, hide it around a corner. Against many other heroes, dropping it higher up helps. It's about giving the turret a chance to deal damage, while also keeping it out of range of your opponents.

Your biggest issue will be pushing forward with Torbjorn, because the turret is stationary. Once you pick it up, dropping it down reverts it to Level 1 again. And if you're stuck in a cycle where your turret is getting destroyed, you're not really contributing much to the team.

In Escort, you can drop the turret on the payload. Do it!

Who Torbjorn Plays Great Against

McCree: McCree is pretty slow and turret tracking is flawless. That means most McCree end up dead in the path of Torbjorn's turrets.

Genji/Tracer: High mobility heroes have nothing on turret tracking.

Who to Watch Out For When Playing Overwatch

Junkrat: Frag Launcher grenades do a ton of damage and a few hits will put the kibosh on your turret action.

Widowmaker: A well-played Widowmaker can put a ton of damage into your turrets, like Junk Rat

D.Va/Zarya: Both of these tanks are fairly mobile and can tank turret damage for a short period of time. D.Va is readily dangerous with her Defense Matrix and Zarya's Particle Barrier means she actually gets stronger while tanking your turret.

Now that we've handed out the best tips and tricks for you to utilise while playing as the Swedish engineer, all that's left for you to do is to head into the heat of battle with Torbjorn.

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