Overwatch - How to Play Tracer

Overwatch - How to Play Tracer

Let's leap in the fight, luv! Learn how to use the time-twisting abilities of Tracer.

Tracer is the face of Overwatch, a spritely hero that zips around the battlefield. She unpredictable due her Blink and Recall abilities, which can change her positioning in the heat of combat. Due to her prominence in marketing and box art, it's not uncommon for a lot of new players to pick Tracer for their first go-around.

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Primary: Pulse Pistols

Tracer's Pulse Pistols are semi-automatic weapons she dual-wields. Tracer is an off-on attacker: her pistols unload their entire clip in 1 second and it takes another second to reload. Combined with her low health and it's best to Blink into combat, attack and Blink out. Clip size: 40


Tracer quickly teleports in the direction she's moving. This move has 3 charges and a charge refills every 3 seconds. It's key to use this to get around the battlefield. You can Blink while strafing sideways - you Blink in the direction you're moving, not the direction you're facing - or moving out of combat. Blink retains vertical positioning, so you can use the move to jump across gaps. Using all three Blink charges in succession can move you far ahead, getting you back to the fight quicker.


Tracer's Recall pulls her back a few seconds in time, rewinding her health, ammo, and position to where she was 3 seconds ago. Use this as a pocket heal or a way to escape a deadly situation. You can Blink into a pitched battle, do some damage, and Recall out. Warning: Don't Recall yourself back into a heavy battle. Bad idea that will get you killed.

Ultimate: Pulse Bomb

Tracer throws a time bomb that sticks to an enemy or surface. After around 2 seconds, the bomb explodes. Some heroes can survive a Pulse Bomb, while others like Mei or Reaper have abilities, Cryo-Freeze and Wraith Form respectively, to avoid the damage. Use Blink to lob Pulse Bomb into areas the opposing team is guarding.

How to Play Tracer

Reaper is a hard flanker, but Tracer is more about slowly whittling down the opposing team and keeping. Never stop moving. I repeat: never stop moving. Blink to get around the map and use Recall to save yourself from a bad situation. Always be shooting, because while you don't do a great deal of damage, you can draw the opposing team's focus away from the objectives. In addition, an always-attacking Tracer can use her Ultimate move than most other heroes. Always have a Blink at the ready and don't be afraid to duck around a corner and store up a few Blink charges.

When to Use Tracer

Bastion/Hanzo/Widowmaker: Tracer is a flanker and a much faster one than Reaper. You can get behind all of these heroes and mess up their positioning. Bastion dies quick when you get him from behind and Widowmaker's health is relatively low. Hanzo is a wild card, because Scatter Arrow can mess a Tracer up.

Reinhardt: Tracer is so fast that she's a big problem for Reinhardt players. A great combo is to Blink behind Reinhardt, drop a Pulse Bomb on his back, shoot him, and Recall out.

What to Watch Our For When Playing Tracer

Winston/Symmetra: Both of these characters have weapons at auto-aim, meaning Tracer's high mobility is less of a problem. Winston can take Tracer down rather quickly and Symmetra's turret will slow you down, making Tracer a vulnerable target.

McCree: The Flashbang/Fan the Hammer combo means instant death for any Tracer.

Junkrat: Like McCree, Junkrat has a combo that can spell certain doom for Tracer. Steel Trap and Concussion Mine together can kill Tracer without Junkrat even being around.

Tracer is the featured character for Overwatch, and so it's only natural that you'll encounter a fair amount of Tracer players in-game. We've given you the best ways to both play Tracer, and how to counter the character.

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