Overwatch - How to Play Winston

Overwatch - How to Play Winston

This intelligent ape will get behind enemy lines and make a monkey out of you.

This intelligent ape is actually one of the harder Tanks to get used to. He can defend his team with his Barrier Projector, but most of his damage is actually done in close-range. Jump Pack allows Winston to leap in contested areas and really mess up the enemy team, giving his team a chance to push forward.

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Winston Move List

Primary: Tesla Cannon

Winston's Tesla Cannon is a channelled short range attack that you don't really have to aim. Just hold down the fire button and aim in a general direction to slowly whittle down an enemy. It also goes through shields and barriers, making Winston a good choice to attack other tanks. The Tesla Cannon's lightning can hit more than one target at a time, helping Winston clear areas. Clip Size: 100

Jump Pack

Every 6 seconds, Winston can leap into air, dealing melee damage when he lands. He'll leap in the direction of your crosshairs, so aim upwards to send Winston flying into battle. With some practice, Winston's Jump Pack makes him one of the more mobile tanks, allowing him to take on turrets or snipers with ease. Jump Pack means Winston can also attack at different angles than most tanks.

Barrier Projector

Winston's Barrier Projector is a stationary dropped shield that last for 6 seconds and has 600 HP. The long 13 cooldown means you need to use it sparingly, to block up choke points or keep your team safe from a control point push. You can actually put it directly on top of a payload to make a mobile barrier.

Barrier Projector does not block melee attacks or many channelled weapons, and Reinhardt's Fire Strike is still a problem while inside the barrier.

Winston's Ultimate: Primal Rage

Winston gives into the madness and connects with the inner beast for 10 seconds. This bumps is HP way up to 1000, turns his melee hits into an area of effect attack, increases his movement speed, and lowers the cooldown on Jump Pack to 2 seconds. The drawback is you can only melee while in Primal Rage. It's a great tool for contesting points and throwing disarray into the enemy team.

How to Play Winston

Winston's damage is pretty low. The true magic of the character is in Jump Pack, allowing him to jump into a control point, scare the enemy team, do some damage, and jump back out. Combined with his ability to push enemies around and his Barrier Projector, Winston is a great opening salvo for contesting points. Like Mei, Winston is more annoying than deadly. Use that to your advantage. Push teams apart and kill stragglers.

You can also drop Barrier Projector on top of turrets to lock them down temporarily, as enemies can't fire into or out of the field.

Which Heroes Winston Works Well Against

Widowmaker/Hanzo: Jump Pack means hitting snipers where they live. Hanzo is the harder of the two to deal with, as his mid-range damage means he might be able to survive the encounter. Widowmaker is mostly dead though.

Symmetra: Winston's Tesla Cannon makes short work of Symmetra's Sentry Turrets.

Genji: Jump Pack allows Winston to stay in range and Genji's Deflect doesn't work on the Tesla Cannon.

Bastion/Torbjorn: The Leap/Barrier Combo shuts down turrets, taking them out of the fight and giving you team a chance to counter them.

Who to Watch Out For When Playing as Winston

McCree: Like other tanks, Flashbang and Fan the Hammer are a problem for Winston. McCree's damage is just crazy and Winston's headshot space is huge.

Reaper: Reaper's damage is just too much for Winston and there's not much you can do to stop Reaper from rolling roughshod over your corpse.

We've passed on all our collective knowledge of Overwatch's intellectual ape, and all that's left now is for you to apply these tactics to your fighting techniques.

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