Overwatch - How to Play Zenyatta

Overwatch - How to Play Zenyatta

This robotic monk straddles the line between damage and healing, making him a great backline Support.

This robot renounced the way of wars and became a monk. Now Zenyatta supports his allies, sending Orbs of Harmony and Discord in all directions. Zenyatta's not strong, but his abilities can shift the tide of battle.

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Zenyatta Move List

Primary: Orb Of Destruction

Zenyatta's basic weapon is decent, offering solid damage and a long travel distance, but a slow travel speed. Because of the slow speed, it can be hard to aim and damage enemies with them. The secondary fire charges up a volley of 5 orbs over the course of 2 seconds, releasing them all at once. If it very good if you know someone is going to be peaking around the corner soon.

Both of Zenyatta's basic attacks rely heavily on tagging your target with Orb of Discord, so always make sure that it's up before you go all in. Clip Size: 20

Orb Of Harmony

This ability attaches an orb to an ally, healing them for as long as Zenyatta stays alive and has line of sight (you have 3 seconds to regain line of sight if you lose it). This means Zenyatta can heal an ally from much farther away than Mercy or Lucio. The drawback is Orb of Harmony's heal is rather on the weaker side, coming in below Soldier 76's Biotic Field.

Other than the great range on the heal, the other benefit is Zenyatta can still attack while an Orb of Harmony is out. There's nothing stopping you other than staying within line of sight of your ally. It's literally fire-and-forget healing. You can only have one Orb of Harmony out at a time.

Orb Of Discord

This works just like the Orb of Harmony - single target, line of sight - but it debuffs an enemy target. While under the effect of Orb of Discord, enemies take 50 percent more damage. This is from all sources: it's a buff not only for Zenyatta, but the rest of your team as well.

The Discord Orb can be removed by certain abilities like Reaper's Wraith Form, Mei's Cryo-Freeze, or Zarya's Particle Barriers.

The trick with the Discord Orb is realizing that all opponents need to do to take care of it is you break line of sight or kill Zenyatta. The former issue means faster heroes like Tracer and Genji are just duck around a corner to get rid of it. The latter problem means you need to watch out for high-damage heroes like Reaper.

The best bet to to drop this on high-value targets. Tanks tend to be on the larger side, so it's easy to attach a Discord Orb. Other frontline heroes are also great candidates, including Pharah and Soldier 76.

Zenyatta's Ultimate: Transcendence

Zenyatta's prayers heal all his nearby teammates at a rate of 100 HP per second. Over the 6 second duration, Zenyatta make everyone around him nearly invincible. He also acts as a living shield, preventing fire from traveling through the Transcendence effect.

Transcendence's best use is blocking enemy Ultimates completely. McCree's Deadeye, Reaper's Death Blossom, D.Va's Self-Destruct, and other abilities can be stopped either through excessive healing of placing Zenyatta in-between the enemy and their targets. Hanzo's Dragonstrike is one of the few Ultimate you can't block, as it still moves through everything.

A well-placed Transcendence can help you team push into an objective or allow you team to hold against an enemy push.

How to Play Zenyatta

Zenyatta has a tiny HP pool: 150 HP and most of that is shield. This mean high damage heroes can pick him right off if he stays out in the open. You want to hide of the fringes of combat, so you can see your team and the enemy to drop Orbs on them, but so you're mostly hidden. Zenyatta has no movement abilities, so if you get caught out in the open, you'll likely be dead.

Focus on either the Tanks or any other hero giving your team a lot of trouble. That where the magic happens.

Like Zarya who's somewhere in-between a tank and a damage dealer, Zenyatta is somewhere in-between a healer and damage dealer. His output isn't up to Mercy or Lucio's level, but he gets the job done while also debuffing the enemy team.

Who Zenyatta Plays Well Against

Reinhardt/Winston/D.Va/Zarya: All of the tanks are susceptible to Zenyatta's Ord of Discord, which negates some of their health benefits. Even better, Zenyatta's primary weapon benefits heavily from the slow movement speed and larger hitboxes of the Tanks.

Who to Watch Out For While Playing as Zenyatta

Widowmaker/Hanzo: Zenyatta is slow and weak. Being out in the open means snipers will pick him off easily.

Tracer/Genji/Reaper: Slow attack speed and low HP pool means these characters can catch and kill you easily.

Zenyatta is one of the more interesting Support characters to play as in Overwatch, and we've given you all the knowledge and tactics we can for you to play the role as well as possible.

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