How to Switch Weapons in Anthem

How to Switch Weapons in Anthem

Anthem doesn’t do a great job at explaining its gameplay systems, right down to the controls. Worry not though, here’s how to switch weapons.

Anthem really nails the mix between frenetic gunplay and precise flying mechanics. With so much at play though, some of the basics are somewhat glossed over, including something as simple as switching weapons. If you’ve been scratching your head over how to switch weapons in Anthem (first of all, we also had this problem), then fear not, as we’ve put together a quick guide on how to do so. We’ll also take a look at whether you can access your inventory and other weapons while out in the field.

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How to Switch Weapons in Anthem

You’ll have access to two main weapons in Anthem after reaching pilot level 3 with your first Javelin. This allows you to mix up your combat approach, and take on enemies large and small. Problem is, Anthem doesn’t really tell you how to switch between them. We’ve listed the details below.

Hold Reload to Switch Weapons in Anthem

If you want to switch to your second weapon in Anthem, you need to hold the reload button. On PlayStation 4, this means holding square. On Xbox One, hold X to switch weapons. The default reload button on PC is mapped to R, so hold it to switch weapons out.

Weapons are accessed at The Forge | Hirun Cryer/USG

Can You Change Your Inventory While on a Mission

Before each freeplay or expedition session, you’ll want to make sure your Javelin loadout is exactly how you want it. This is because it is impossible to access and change your loadout while out in the field.

Can I Equip New Weapons Straight Away in Anthem?

Given that you cannot access your inventory mid-mission, you can’t see what new gear you’ve earned straight away. This means you cannot change which weapons you have, and cannot equip new ones that you find while playing. You can only alter your Javelin from the Forge and Launch Bay.

So there you have it, that’s how to switch weapons in Anthem. For more on Anthem, be sure to check out our detailed breakdown of the Combo system in our Anthem Combos Guide. We’ve also got a look at where to find Chests in Anthem.

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