Dauntless Behemoths - Every Dauntless Behemoth and Their Weaknesses

Dauntless Behemoths - Every Dauntless Behemoth and Their Weaknesses

Here's our list of all the Dauntless Behemoths you can hunt, including their elemental strengths and weaknesses.

Monsters in Dauntless are known as Behemoths, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Dauntless Behemoths are meant to be taken down by a party of Slayers, but you can always go up against them on your own if you're feeling plucky. In our complete Dauntless Behemoths guide, we'll be listing out every single monster in Phoenix Labs' game, detailing their elemental weaknesses, locations in which they can be found, and more.

Dauntless Behemoths

The Dauntless Behemoths really are the varied selling point of the game. When you're undertaking a monster hunt from the Hunt Board in Ramsgate, you need to select which type of Behemoth you want to hunt. These include Blaze, Frost, Shock, and other types of Behemoths, and so we've grouped them up by these types below.

Dauntless Blaze Behemoths

BehemothDescriptionThreat LevelWeaknessesLocations
CharrogA two-legged creature with tough armored skin4FrostYonder Keys, Burning Rose, Sandrian's Stone
EmbermaneA rapid beast on four legs, with a huge piercing horn on its head5FrostYonder Keys, Sandrian's Stone
HellionA two-legged creature with vicious claws, and a Blaze spikes on its back7FrostUncharted Reaches
A Dauntless Embermane. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Phoenix Labs

Dauntless Shock Behemoths

BehemothDescriptionThreat LevelWeaknessesLocations
DraskCharges at slayers on all fours, or attacks from range with Shock strikes7BlazeYonder Keys, Sandrian's Stone, Coldrunner Keys
NayzagaRips into slayers with huge teeth, and shoots Shock bolts from all angles5FrostUncharted Reaches
NayzagaA quick creature with snapping jaws, able to summon barriers of Shock energy6BlazeN/A

Dauntless Terra Behemoths

BehemothDescriptionThreat LevelWeaknessesLocations
KharabakRemains airborne to launch stingers at slayers below6ShockUncharted Reaches, Underwald
KoshaiUses control of branches, thorns, and vines to ensnare slayers in place10ShockAulric's Refuge
SkarnA two-legged, armored creature that can use its rocky armor in combat3ShockN/A

Dauntless Frost Behemoths

BehemothDescriptionThreat LevelWeaknessesLocations
BoreusA huge creature of supreme power, the Boreus can control hordes of underlings with psychic powers6BlazeN/A
PangarA rolling creature, Pangar buries underground and assaults with its tusks7BlazeUncharted Reaches, Frostmarch
SkraevFreezes slayers in place with Frost attacks before ripping into them with deadly claws4Blaze/ShockN/A

Dauntless Neutral Behemoths

BehemothDescriptionThreat LevelWeaknessesLocations
GnasherA furry-looking creature which can use both its body and tail to attack slayers3N/AIron Falls
QuillshotUses Aether energy to rain spikes down on slayers, or ensnare them with tusks5N/AMonstrous Verge, Yonder Keys
ShrikeAkin to the Skraev, this creature drops onto slayers from above with huge force4N/AN/A
A Dauntless Gnasher. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Phoenix Labs

Dauntless Radiant Behemoths

BehemothDescriptionThreat LevelWeaknessesLocations
RezakiriA flying insectoid that uses Radiant energy to surround slayers with barriers17UmbralIron Falls/Maelstrom
ValomyrA two-legged creature that uses razor-sharp horns to skewer slayers8UmbralMaelstrom

Dauntless Umbral Behemoths

BehemothDescriptionThreat LevelWeaknessesLocations
RiftstalkerTeleports around using Umbral energy, ripping into slayers with sharp claws9RadiantMaelstrom
ShrowdA rapid predator that can take to the skies, ripping foes apart with talons17RadiantMaelstrom/Iron Falls

If it's more Dauntless content you're after, then we've got you sorted. You can check out our full Dauntless beginner's guide, our in-depth Dauntless weapons guide, our page on the current Dauntless Season 5 Hunt Pass, or the current Dauntless server status page for more.

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