SNES Classic Edition Display Frames - Every Border and Filter

SNES Classic Edition Display Frames - Every Border and Filter

We give you a look at every colorful display frame you can choose to play with. Plus image filters.

The SNES Classic Edition, releasing on September 29, 2017, is set to be a treat for retro game fans. One of the things you might not realise is that SNES games rendered at a resolution far lower than what we’re used to in modern games. They also didn’t display in a widescreen image we have now. In this SNES Classic Edition Display Frames guide, we’ll show you all the colorful frames you can choose from, plus point out the image filter options.

For more on the retro console, check out our complete guide to the SNES Classic Edition.

SNES Classic Edition Image Filters

All the SNES Classic Display Filters.
  • CRT - This options puts a CRT screen effect over the image, attempting to ape the look you would have got when playing SNES games back in the 90s.
  • 4:3 - This option gives a classic 4:3 image.
  • Pixel Perfect - This option intends to accurately represent the games without stretching the image.

SNES Classic Edition Frames/Borders

If you don't count the black frame you can see above, there are 12 display frames to choose from included on the SNES Classic Edition.

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