Splatoon 2 Octostomp Boss Guide - How to Beat Hero Mode Boss 3

Splatoon 2 Octostomp Boss Guide - How to Beat Hero Mode Boss 3

Here's all the tips and tricks you need to beat every boss in Splatoon 2, and dominate other Inklings in Turf War.

Splatoon 2's Octostomp boss might actually be one of the easiest to take down in the entire game. The Octostomp boss may look scary in its own twisted way, but you can take down the third boss of Splatoon 2 fairly easily, provided you know what you're doing. We'll run down the quickest and easiest way to beat it in this Splatoon 2 Octostomp boss guide, to make sure you're beating your personal best time in no time at all.

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How to Beat Octostomp in Splatoon 2

This Octostomp boss might look like one of the weirdest enemies that Splatoon 2 has to offer, but it's actually one of the easiest to take down. In the first stage, simply dodge its first attack to either side of the boss itself and, while it's down on the ground, spray ink so you can climb up its side and take out the tentacle on top.

In the second stage, once Octostomp has transformed into the Neo Octostomp with a brand new coat, you'll have to take out the black clip in the front of its face, in order to get the shiny coat off the boss. To do this, close the gap while the machine gun is firing ink at you, and shoot the clip, making sure to dodge out of the way of the boss' slam attack with B while aiming. Once the clip is destroyed, the coat will fall off, and you're free to scale the boss and take out the tentacle just as you did before.

In this third and final stage of the Octostomp boss fight, the boss has somehow sprouted two additional faces, but your strategy is still the same as before. Take out the clip on the middle face, using B to dodge where you can, and the Octostomp boss will shed its coat, leaving it open to attack exactly the same way as before. Take out the final tentacle, and grab the mini Zapfish to complete the level.

Octostomp Time Trial Tips

If you're trying the boss for the second time, in an attempt to best your personal time for the Octostomp, then we'd recommend a rapid weapon, such as the Splat Dualies or the Hero Shooter. Or, use a weapon that covers a large amount of floor space with ink at once, like the Slosher, to allow you to quickly climb up the Octostomp.

We have a video gameplay guide on how to beat the Splatoon 2 Octostomp boss, which you can see just below:

Now that you're all wrapped up with the Octostomp boss fight, why not continue chronologically to our Octo Shower boss guide, the fourth, and penultimate boss that you'll be facing over the course of Splatoon 2.

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