Splatoon 2 Ranked Battles Guide - Rainmaker, Splat Zones, Tower Control Modes Tips and Tricks

Splatoon 2 Ranked Battles Guide - Rainmaker, Splat Zones, Tower Control Modes Tips and Tricks

Here's all the tips and tricks you need to beat every boss in Splatoon 2, and dominate other Inklings in Turf War.

In this Splatoon 2 Ranked Battle guide, you'll find all the help you could need on getting to grips with Ranked Battles once you hit level 10. We'll be also be delving into depth on each of the modes, in our Tower Control guide, Splat Zones guide, and Rainmaker guide, each of which are varied and require considerable strategy in order to win.

We have a variety of other guides covering all different aspects of the game, all of which can be found in our Splatoon 2 tips and tricks hub, including guides on how to beat every Splatoon 2 campaign boss, as well as how to master the Turf War mode.

Splatoon 2 Ranked Battle Guide - How to Win Rainmaker, Splat Zones, Tower Control Modes

Splatoon 2 Ranked Battles are only unlocked once you reach level 10 online, so to do this you'll need to spend a fair few hours playing Turf War on repeat. To speed up the process, you could always hit the single player, and spend any tokens you get for Crusty Sean's food van on items that will boost your XP earned for 20 games.

Once you have hit level 10 online, you can start playing Ranked Battles, where you can find the Rainmaker, Splat Zones, and Tower Control modes. The maps in Ranked Battles are exactly the same as they are in the casual Turf War mode, so by now you should hopefully already be used to the layouts of each.

Splatoon 2 Ranked Battles feature a different levelling system, where players start at rank C-, and can advance all the way up to rank A+. At rank B- you can start playing League Battles, so the aim here is to win enough games through teamwork to advance all the way up the rankings, as it'll generally take you 10 games to go from rank C- to C.

Splatoon 2 Rainmaker Guide

The Splatoon 2 Rainmaker mode might well be the online mode that requires the most co-ordination from you team, which is a slight shame, given how bad the voice shat for the Nintendo Switch is. Nonetheless, Rainmaker is a great mode, as two teams fight to possess the Rainmaker weapon, and take it deep into enemy territory.

One person on either team can pick up the Rainmaker, and will then have to take it as deep into enemy territory as they can, while being supported by their teammates. The Rainmaker fires slow bombs, which detonate after a few seconds, meaning the person carrying the weapon will have to rely on their team for support, if they want to take the weapon all the way to the back of enemy grounds and win the game.

Either team can splat the person on the opposite team carrying the Rainmaker weapon, and pick it up for their own team. If neither team has got the Rainmaker to the end of their opponent's territory by the time the game ends, whoever got the weapon furthest will win the Rainmaker match.

The Rainmaker weapon looks like a giant dragon's head.

Splatoon 2 Splat Zones Guide

The Splatoon 2 Splat Zones mode is basically capture the point, in which two teams of four Inklings battle for control over a single point in the map. This point in the map is a small rectangular zone, and is captured by whoever splats the majority of the zone with their team's ink.

Whoever covers the majority of the zone with their ink holds the point, and that team's number gradually decreases from 100 to 0 while the point is held. The first team to win a game of Splat Zones is whoever gets their number all the way down to 0 first, holding the enemy Inkling team off the point long enough to win.

Rememeber, there's no point splatting any ground that isn't in the zone, as you can only decrease your points through holding the zone. This isn't Turf War, where you have a reason to splat the most amount of territory possible, but it is worth splatting a route straight to the control point, so you can quickly advance their in your squid form, when you respawn at your team's starting point.

The Splat Zones mode in action.

Splatoon 2 Tower Control Guide

Tower Control is different from any other mode in Splatoon 2, but it does focus every Inkling player on one point on the map, somewhat like Splat Zones. The aim of the game here it to splat the ground on top of a single tower, with this moving the tower deeper into enemy territory.

As you progress the tower further into enemy territory, you decrease the distance your team needs to take the tower to win, and the first team to win is whoever can get the tower all the way to the end of their opponent's territory.

This isn't easy, as the enemy team can take back control of the tower by simple splatting the ground on top of the tower with their own ink, this moving the tower into your own team's territory. If neither team has got the tower all to the final checkpoint on the map by the end of the game, the team who got the tower furthest into enemy territory will win.

Splatoon 2's Tower Control requires by far the most teamwork out of Splatoon 2's online modes, as every Inkling on your team should aim to converge on the tower at once, since all the enemy Inklings will very likely be doing the same thing. It's useless sending just 1 or 2 Inklings there, as your entire team needs to hit the tower at once in order to hold the enemy team off from it.

This is the tower you'll be fighting over in Tower Control.

If you need help with anything else on Splatoon 2, why not check out our guide on how to beat the DJ Octavio boss fight, or our guide on how to beat the Salmon Run mode.

We might have run down the best ways to win at Splatoon 2's Rainmaker, Splat Zones, and Tower Control modes, but it'll still take some doing for you to get that teammwork down.

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