Splatoon 2 Maps Guide - All Multiplayer Stages Walkthrough

Splatoon 2 Maps Guide - All Multiplayer Stages Walkthrough

Prepare to beef on The Reef.

In this Splatoon 2 maps guide, we'll be going down every multiplayer map in detail, outlining the best ways to win and dominate on each and every map. Splatoon 2 features a variety of maps, all of which can tackled in a different manner with different tactics, in order to achieve victory. Read on for tips to play on the Humpback Pump Track, Inkblot Art Academy, Moray Towers, Port Mackerel, and Starfish Mainstage maps.

If you need help on anything else to do with the game, then head over to our Splatoon 2 tips and tricks guide hub, where you can find info on how to beat every boss in the single player campaign, as well as all the help you need to win Ranked Battles.

Splatoon 2 Maps Guide

There's a huge variety of maps in Splatoon 2, including the layered Starfish Mainstage, the vertical Moray Towers, and the hectic Humpback Pump Track. Every map in the multiplayer can be approached from a different angle, and in the Splatoon 2 maps guide below, we'll be laying out how each map plays, highlighting hot points and bottlenecks around the map.

As a general rule of the Turf War mode, it's nearly always the team that takes the time to cover their own spawn zone in ink that wins the match. Although it may seem like a tiny, insignificant area, the spawn zone being covered in ink can be the decider in a Turf War game, particularly in a closely fought game.

Splatoon 2 Humpback Pump Track Guide

The Humpback Pump Track map in Splatoon 2.

The Humpback Pump Track map in Splatoon 2 isn't particularly vertical, but it is layered, having a few different levels and routes running around both the outside of the map, and the middle. The middle of this map is a complete warzone, and it's where the majority of players will likely be headed, either as soon as the Turf War battle begins, or after they've covered the outer paths of the map in ink.

Heading to the middle of the map isn't a necessity, and it's often the team that works to control the rest of the map that ultimately wins the game of Turf War. Make sure to cover both paths running around the sides of the Humpback Pump Track map, where you can then spray your ink onto the path running along the inside of the raised outer paths.

As always, don't forget to ink the area behind and nearby to your spawn zone, as in this map in particular, a lot of players run straight to the center of the map, leaving their own territory uncovered.

Splatoon 2 Inkblot Art Academy Guide

Splatoon 2's Inkblot Art Academy map.

The Inkblot Art Academy map is another map where the middle, raised ground of the map will undoubtedly be the hot point, and where the battle could be won or lost. Each team always races towards the center of the Inkblot Art Academy map, in order to dominate the raised section and be able to spray ink down onto the lower sections on either side.

This is a solid strategy, but it's important to remember to cover your own territory in ink before advancing too far. Whoever controls the middle ground of Inkblot Art Academy most often wins the battle, but the middle ground can be attacked from either side, in a pincer movement to attack the team from either side.

So, while it's important to control the central ground in Inkblot Art Academy, it's equally important to cover the rest of your territory in ink too, in order to give you a foothold on the map. Make sure to use the raised parts of the map that look down on the central square, in order to fire ink from above onto enemies below.

Splatoon 2 Moray Towers Guide

The vertical Moray Towers map in Splatoon 2.

Moray Towers is easily the most vertical map in Splatoon 2, challenging Inkling teams to cover as much ground as quickly as possible, as well as avoiding the various gaps in the map that drop down to nowhere. Traversal is a big part of Moray Towers, so always make sure to turn on the rails scattered around the map with your ink in order to quickly get around.

Aside from traversal, Moray Towers presents a big challenge in Turf War, as your Inkling team will have to make it to the center of the map as quickly as possible in order to prevent it falling into enemy hands, while also covering their own territory in ink at the same time. Your priority in this situation is to make it down to the middle ground with most of your team, while leaving one team member to descend down the main path, covering the ground behind you in ink.

It's easy to drop down from the spawn to reach the middle ground quickly in Moray Towers, so it's possible to gain a foothold in the map, even if you have lost the center ground to the enemy team. You'll have to be quick to win on Moray Towers, and you'll have to work together to win, so try not to get separated, or go ahead without your team.

Splatoon 2 Port Mackerel Guide

The fairly slim Port Mackerel map in Splatoon 2.

Port Mackerel is a map comprised almost entirely of bottlenecks, where Inklings will be fighting it out in very limited spaces. At the start of the Turf War match, it's always a good idea to send one Inkling to either side of the map, to splat the higher levels running around the outside. From here, they can drop down and meet back up with the rest of the team, and head forward into the battleground from there.

It's useless sending more than one Inkling on either path leading off from the spawn zone, and it's crucial that you gain a foothold in the center of the Port Mackerel map, before the enemy team can press forward too far. You also want to advance forward together as a team, so try not to leave anyone lagging behind, and avoid sending just one person forward to encounter the enemy team.

Port Mackerel isn't exactly the most difficult map in Splatoon 2, but it's a good idea to always start back at the spawn zone when you respawn, just to check that the enemy team hasn't snuck past the rest of your team, and is wreaking havoc in your territory with their own ink.

Splatoon 2 Starfish Mainstage Guide

The Starfish Mainstage map of Splatoon 2.

As with the previous maps, Starfish Mainstage is comprised of layers, while also having a raised middle ground. As with Port Mackerel, you'll want to send two Inklings round the outskirts of the map, to cover the side paths in ink, and hopefully get the drop on the enemy team as they come back round to the middle of the map.

If you gain a foothold on Starfish Mainstage and control the central area, make sure to push ahead into enemy territory. You don't want to linger for too long and then be caught out by an enemy counterattack, finding the majority of your team eliminated at once and the enemy team driving into your territory with no one to stop them.

Starfish Mainstage is a fairly straightforward map, but the key to victory lies in being swift and, as usual, working as a team to take the middle ground and push forwards, while also keeping an eye on your own territory to make sure no enemy Inklings have snuck behind your lines.

How to Earn Super Sea Snails

Super Sea Snails are incredibly rare in Splatoon 2, and they give you the ability to unlock another ability slot in a single clothing item through Murch, who hangs around in Inkopolis Square. The Super Sea Snails are the only way you can upgrade your gear with another ability slot, so it's understandable that they're sought after.

To get your hands on a Super Sea Snail, you'll have to level up to Rank 30 in online play. After this, go speak to Judd the cat in Inkopolis Square, and he'll rewarded you with a Super Sea Snail every time you rank up by 2 levels. Whenever you get your hands on one, head to Murch to survey your range of options for using a Super Sea Snail to upgrade your gear.

New Maps for Splatoon 2 Coming Soon?

In a Splatoon 2 file datamine posted on Reddit, users uncovered the names of two new maps that are supposedly in development for the game, called Line and Tunnel. On top of this, partial files for Kelp Dome and Blackbelly Skatepark were found in the datamine, both of which were maps in the first Splatoon.

Later in August, Nintendo officially revealed two new maps for Splatoon 2, both of which you can see in the trailer just below, the first of which is called Manta Maria, and will be available in Turf War and Ranked Battles. You'll be able to battle it out on the Manta Maria ship starting August 26.

Another new stage called Lost Outpost joins the Salmon Run roster later today, August 22, through a free update. Finally, the new Bubble Blower weapon will be available from September 2.

If you need help on anything else related to Splatoon 2, why not head over to any of our other guides on the game, including how to beat DJ Ovtavio and complete the campaign, as well as how to get started on Salmon Run.

We've given you a full rundown of every map currently featured in the Splatoon 2 multiplayer modes, but should Nintendo add any new maps to the game in the future (such as the Shifty Station map that will only be featured in Splatfests), we'll be sure to add them into this detailed guide.

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