Fortnite Lucky Landing Chest Locations - Search Chests in Lucky Landing

Fortnite Lucky Landing Chest Locations - Search Chests in Lucky Landing

Here are all of the chest locations in Lucky Landing.

Occasionally, Fortnite Weekly Challenges will require you to track down and open chests in a specific location. And while chest do move around from time to time, there are a set few places where you’ll be able to find one in a given area. In this Fortnite Lucky Landing Chest Guide, we’ve got every chest location in Lucky Landings. It’ll make it super easy to loot the location as soon as you drop, as you can focus your efforts on searching the same areas each time.

For more on Fortnite Season 5, head over to our Fortnite Season 5 Guide. It’s full of up to date info on Fortnite, and has tips, details on limited events, and explanations for the weekly challenges each week.

Lucky Landings Chest Locations

Thanks to the hard working individuals over at, we have a handy map labelled with all of the chest locations. You can check out the map below, which gives the general locations of every chest in Lucky Landings. We’ll then be showing you some screens of the exact locations of each chest, to make it even easier to track them down.


Fortnite Lucky Landings Chests Locations

You’ll find some images below showing you exactly where to find each chest, along with a brief description of how to get there.

Head to the building on the south East corner of the area. You’ll need to make your way up to the first floor and find the room with the desk in it.

In the south west corner building, head into the room with the checkerboard floor. The chest is sitting on a table.

This one is located on the top floor of the same building you found the previous chest in.

You can find this chest by heading to the building to the West of the center of Lucky Landing, it’s in the roof.

Make your way to the building located at the East of the area. The Chest is in the top room of the tower.

North East of the center, there is a Chest located on the bottom floor of large cluster of buildings, next to the big tree.

In the north building is a counter and shop area. Here you’ll find another chest.

There’s a tower by the sea, to the south of the area. There’s a Chest in the top room.

In the North building, at the back is a edge with a chest on it. You can find it by getting onto the room then dropping down.

Finally, there is usually a chest at the dead center of the area, in the square fenced area.

That’s all of the Chest locations in Fortnite Lucky Landings. For more on the game, head over to our Fortnite Week 7 Challenges Guide.

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