Pokemon GO New Legendary Week Guide - Start and End Dates, All New Legendary Pokemon

Pokemon GO New Legendary Week Guide - Start and End Dates, All New Legendary Pokemon

The brand new Legendary Week event for Pokemon GO is active right now, and includes Kyrogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza.

There’s a brand new Legendary Event arriving for Pokemon GO, which is set to include several brand new Legendary Pokemon. In this Pokemon GO Legendary Week guide, we’ll be giving you all the information you need for the brand new event, including when it starts and ends, as well as all the new Pokemon including Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza.

But this new trio of Legendary Pokemon are far from the only ones available for you to catch right now in Pokemon GO. If you need a complete rundown of every elite Pokemon that’s available to be added to your collection in the game, head over to our Pokemon GO Legendary Pokemon guide.

Pokemon GO Legendary Week Start and End Date

The new Legendary Week event is actually beginning for Pokemon GO on the same day of its announcement by Niantic—today, February 23. This means that you can venture out into the wilds right now and attempt to catch the Legendary trio of Pokemon, but there’s a catch to this system that we’ll explain further down the page.

The Legendary Week event for Pokemon GO actually lasts for well over a week, as the first phase of the event will be concluding on March 5, while the second phase of the Legendary Week event will run from March 6 until March 16. As for what each of these phases details, check out the rest of the guide just below.

Pokemon GO Legendary Week New Pokemon

So, you know that the complete trio of Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza will be available to capture in Pokemon GO right now for the Legendary Week, but what else will the limited event entail? As we mentioned just above, on March 5 the first phase of the event will conclude, and Niantic will tally up the amount that each of the three individual Legendary Pokemon have been caught.

Niantic will offer one type of Pokemon for the second phase of the Legendary Week event, depending on which of the trio was caught the most by players in the first phase. If Rayquaza is the most caught Pokemon from now until March 5, then windy-weather Pokemon are more likely to appear in-game from March 6 to 16.

However if more Kyrogre are caught than the other two, then rainy-type Pokemon are more likely to be seen in the second phase of the event, while if Groudon emerges as the victor of the event, then sunny-type Pokemon will appear more often. For example, if Rayquaza is the Pokemon that is caught the most between now and March 5, then the rare Bagon is more likely to be found in the second half of the Legendary Week event.

This might bring a close to our Pokemon GO Legendary Week event guide, but make sure to keep an eye on this guide while the event rolls on, as we’ll be updating the guide to reflect any updates or changes to the limited event.

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