GTA Online Prison Break - GTA Online Heist Guide - Elite Challenges and Payouts

GTA Online Prison Break - GTA Online Heist Guide - Elite Challenges and Payouts

A walkthrough of the Prison Break, as well as the four heist setup missions in GTA Online.

Continuing our coverage of the GTA Online Heists update, today we'll be taking a look at the Prison Break. It's the second of five total heists, and unlike the Fleeca Job, this one will require four players for those who hope to complete it. It's also going to require the completion of four prerequisite missions in order to unlock the final phase. In short, it's a major step up in difficulty and coordination, so make sure to assemble your best team and turn those microphones on.

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Of course, if you've somehow landed here and have yet to complete the Fleeca Job, we'd advise that you check out our walkthrough for that heist first, then come back here for the Prison Break. If playing Grand Theft Auto Online isn't your thing, boost your single-player income with some tips on how to work the stock market. No matter what your preference is, we've always got you covered.

There's little doubt that a man who wears a top hat like that knows his way around the underworld.

GTA Online Prison Break - Setup Costs and Payouts

  • Initial Cost: $40,000 (Heist leader pays)
  • Total Payout: $400,000

Prison Break Elite Challenges

  • Rashkovsky damage 1 percent or less
  • Extraction in under 4 minutes and 40 seconds
  • Nobody gets wasted

Plane Setup Mission

In Plane, players are split up into a Ground Team that consists of three members, and a Pilot who will fly the plane to a designated location. Upon reaching McKenzie's airfield, however, all four players should work to kill the enemies, carving a path for the Pilot. When the plane is in the air, the Ground Team will be free to evacuate the area, staying out of trouble (and alive) until the Pilot successfully lands.

Bus Setup Mission

For the Bus setup mission, players will not be split into teams, but once again all four members are required to complete the job. We'd advise splitting into teams of two, with the leader deciding who will assault the bus, and who will cover their escape. The team covering the escape should bring a few Homing Rockets to take out any helicopters that can track the bus team while they're attempting to lose their wanted level. The mission is complete when the bus is successfully delivered to the drop-off point.

Station Setup Mission

Station is a mission that isn't particularly difficult, especially if you're the First Team. Those two players simply need to drive to the waypoint, climb up on the crane, then parachute onto the shipping containers. From here they can easily steal the Casco and deliver it to the drop off. The Second Team has a few more steps to complete, but the basic idea is that they need to steal a police car, lose their wanted level, then steal a prison bus schedule from the station. When that's all done they'll need to destroy the car and meet the First Team back at the planning room.

Wet Work Setup Mission

The final setup mission of the heist is called Wet Work, and it again splits the crew into two teams - City Hall Team and Mansion Team. For the City Hall Team, they need to move to the waypoint and kill the two lawyers with simultaneous sniper shots, then retrieve the deposition and lose the cops. The Mansion Team must head to a separate waypoint, taking out Popov and his guards. They will also need to leave the area and then meet up with the rest of the crew at the planning room.

When the heist is over, spend a few minutes celebrating back at the heist leader's apartment.

The Prison Break

The heist itself has a lot of moving parts, and each player will be assigned a role by the heist leader. Those roles can include Demolition, Prisoner, Prison Officer and Pilot, with the Prison Officer and Prisoner having two of the more difficult tasks. Here's a breakdown of each role and what is expected.


The Demolition player has it pretty easy, but no task is simple on this heist. To start off, head to Great Chaparral and steal the bus. It won't be guarded, so pop the driver, get in, and start making your way to the Sandy Shores Airfield. Once there, destroy the bus and head to the waypoint on the map, killing any Merryweather guards and taking the Buzzard.

The next phase will include helping the Pilot take out the Lazer that's in hot pursuit. It shouldn't be too difficult, and when it's done move to the prison and focus on supporting the Prisoner and Officer, making sure they escape and can get to the Velum. From there, just follow the rest of the team to the beach in Palomino Highlands, picking them up and flying them back to Los Santos.

Officer and Prisoner

This part of the mission is a real pain, and both players will want to make sure their inventory is stacked full of snacks and body armor if at all possible. This will allow them to heal up if they take damage, or prevent themselves from taking too much damage in the first place.

With all of your affairs in order, these two players need to drive to the waypoint on their map, picking up the bus and driving it into the prison as instructed. Park it, getting out and killing all three guards in the alley. From here, run to the location to where the lone guard stood (maybe 50 feet behind the bus), then climb the ladder and work your way along the catwalks. When all of the guards are down, make your way to Rashkovsky.

From here, follow the waypoints and fight through the prison, jumping in a vehicle and making your way to the Sandy Shores Airfield where the Velum and Pilot should be waiting. One really good strategy to keep in mind is that the Officer and Prisoner can avoid getting Rashkovsky until the Demolition player is ready to provide air support with the Buzzard.


The Pilot has an easy job, and can even avoid being chased by the Lazer if they stick to flying around Los Santos (not Los Santos County) until the Prisoner, Officer and Rashkovsky are all out of the prison and ready to go. In a nutshell, the first part of the heist for this player involves grabbing the plane and doing some sightseeing.

When the Prisoner, Officer and Rashkovsky are all ready for extraction, land the plane at the Sandy Shores Airfield, picking them up, taking off and losing the wanted level. If there are any law enforcement officials pursuing in a plane, have the Demolition player in the Buzzard take them down. When the wanted level is gone, fly to the Palomino Highlands beach and parachute down with the rest of the team.

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