GTA Online Series A Funding - GTA Online Heist Guide - Elite Challenges and Payouts

GTA Online Series A Funding - GTA Online Heist Guide - Elite Challenges and Payouts

Complete the Series A Funding heist, including elite challenges in GTA Online.

The Series A Funding heist from the GTA Online Heists update will once again require four players. This crew will also have to complete various setup missions before they can take part in the finale, and as always, the previous three heists will need to be completed before players can lead this one. That means that gamers will need to complete the two-person Fleeca Job, the four-person Prison Break heist, and lastly, the very challenging but awesome Humane Labs Raid. Once all those are behind you the Series A Funding heist can be started from your high-end apartment in Los Santos.

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GTA Online Series A Funding - Setup Costs and Payouts

  • Initial Cost: $40,400 (Heist leader pays)
  • Easy Payout: $202,000
  • Normal Payout: $404,000
  • Hard Payout: $505,000

Series A Funding Elite Challenges

  • Complete in under 6 minutes and 30 seconds
  • Kill 75 enemies
  • Nobody gets wasted


The first setup mission will divide the four player crew into two teams of two, the Boat Team and the Chopper Team. It goes without saying that the Chopper Team should contain the best pilot, and the Boat Team should have your best shooters, fully geared with body armor and rocket launchers. To kick things off, have the Boat Team head to Vespucci and snag the Tropic, while the Chopper Team visits Higgins Helitours in La Puerta to snag the Frogger.

With both vehicles now under the control of your heist team, both crews will need to head to the waypoint, which turns out to be a yacht. After reaching said yacht, the Boat Team will board, split up, and grab the eight packages of coke. There will be heavily armed guards on board, so take your time and hit your shots. If you eat a few bullets, equip some additional armor from your inventory, or chow down on a few snacks to get your health back up.

While all of this is going on, the Chopper Team will provide cover from the air, or they can land on the helipad belonging to the yacht. Either way, they should be focused on taking out helicopter troops that will arrive to reinforce your foes, then extracting the Boat Team when they grab all the coke. The mission will end when the team loses their wanted level and delivers the drugs to Ron Jakowski in East Vinewood.

Trash Truck

This setup mission will see all four team members working together to kill some guards and steal a Trashmaster that's parked close by. Once they are in possession of the vehicle, the team must then move from waypoint to waypoint, picking up a total of four trash bags while fighting off several waves of Vagos. The mission is completed when all of the bags have been collected and delivered to Ron Jakowski in Vinewood Hills.


The four-person team will work together to complete this stealth mission, killing multiple members of the Lost MC and stealing their vans full of coke. Before the action kicks off however, snag some suppressed weapons from Trevor's trailer.

The second part of the mission will have the team taking a Dinghy to Stab City. When they arrive, the Lost MC members will appear on their map, including their vision cones. It's the same as the stealth mission from the previous heist in that players cannot be spotted, and where timing and communication are the keys to success. When all of the bad guys are down, grab the vans and head to the warehouse in East Vinewood. Watch out for attacking Lost MC members on the way back, focusing entirely on keeping the vans in working order until they are delivered to Ron Jakowski.


The four-person crew will be split into the Ground Team and the Lookout Team, both of which will be traveling to the Paleto Forest Sawmill, where their goal will be to steal a huge shipment of weed from the Ballas. The Ground Team needs to be your best run-and-gun shooters, fully geared with body armor and snacks to replenish their health. The Lookout Team should contain your sharpshooters, but any type of long-ranged weapon will be a benefit.

Have the teams drive to the objective marker, with the Lookout Team taking up positions to the east and west of the compound. The Ground Team will be assaulting the main gate, but for the most part they should keep their heads down while the Lookout Team thins the enemy numbers. When the situation is more manageable, the Ground Team should clean up the leftovers, then jump in the two Bensons parked in the middle of the Sawmill. The Lookout team will hitch a ride in the Technical, and the three vehicles will begin the trip back to Los Santos.

While traveling to your destination, expect that Ballas will try to attack the very slow Bensons. The Lookout Team (now in the Technical) should go ahead and clear the road as best they can. When the two Bensons have been safely delivered to Ron Jakowski in East Vinewood, the mission will be complete.

Steal Meth

This mission won't require the team to split up, so feel free to take one car to the O'Neil Ranch in Grapeseed. Once you're there, take out all of the meth dealers you can, stealing the Tanker and taking it back to Chef at Trevor's meth lab. There's really just not much to this one - shoot all the bad people, then steal their stuff and deliver it to the objective marker on the screen.

Series A Funding Heist

This isn't so much a heist as your team and Trevor having to answer for all the murdering and stealing you've done in the last few missions. Go to the warehouse in East Vinewood, then get ready to defend it, splitting your team in two. Have one squad on the north side and the other on the south, taking out any and all enemies that approach. For this, we were really big fans of throwing gas and explosives to not only slow our enemies down, but to score massive multi-kills when they were in or near vehicles.

When the time comes, have one member of your team in each van, and the remaining two in the Technical. Head to the waypoint on your map, defending the vehicles on your journey. The destination is a lighthouse in San Andreas County, and arriving will see the heist completed. Enjoy the cut scene when it's all done.

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