GTA Online The Fleeca Job - GTA Online Heists Guide - Elite Challenges and Payouts

GTA Online The Fleeca Job - GTA Online Heists Guide - Elite Challenges and Payouts

How to complete The Fleeca Job in GTA Online, including Scope Out and Kuruma.

The GTA 5 developers at Rockstar Games recently released their GTA Online Heists update, introducing a wide variety of new content to an already deep experience. Of course, the feature that everyone was looking forward to the most were the five new heists themselves, including the Fleeca Job, the Prison Break, the Humane Labs Raid, Series A Funding and the Pacific Standard Job. Players were also treated to new vehicles, weapons and even outfits, all of which we'll be talking about in one way or another.

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If you're not ready to jump into the heists just yet, we've also got a complete guide to getting rich on the Grand Theft Auto V stock market, as well as tips to land a big bug while out hunting with Trevor. There's never a shortage of things to do in San Andreas.

The Fleeca Job in GTA Online

Fleeca Job - Setup Costs and Payouts

  • Initial Cost: $11,500 (Lester pays)
  • Total Payout: $115,000

Fleeca Job Elite Challenges

  • Complete it less than 5:20
  • Nobody gets wasted
  • Vehicle damage under 6 percent
While not all that difficult, The Fleeca Job will introduce players to the ins and outs of heists in Grand Theft Auto V.

Scop Out

The Fleeca Job is a two person heist that could be considered a makeshift prologue or tutorial. It will require players to complete two setup jobs, Scope Out and Kuruma. The former will have gamers drive to the bank which they intend to rob, with the passenger completing a mini-game designed to hack into the financial institution's systems. It's fairly tame stuff for anyone who's spent even five minutes with the Grand Theft Auto franchise, and players can leave their guns holstered for the duration.

Consider buying the Armored Kuruma for day to day operations in Grand Theft Auto Online. It's completely bullet proof.


In Kuruma, both players will work together to steal an armored vehicle of the same name, sneaking to the top level of a parking garage and taking on a hoard of armed thugs. We highly advise that gamers split up and attack from two angles, popping in and out of cover to take out their foes without risking a death that will negate the elite challenges. When the Kuruma is safely in the player's hands (or should we say, when the players are safely in the Kuruma), focus only on escaping in one piece, delivering the vehicle to Lester's warehouse.

To be effective as a Driller, don't go full out with it at any time. Slow and steady wins the race here.

The Fleeca Job

During the final portion of the heist, one player will act as the Driver while another takes on the role of the Driller. While en-route to the bank, the Driller (passenger) will complete another series of mini-games that Lester sends to their phone, with the goal being to unlock the door to the vault. Upon arriving, both players will enter through the front door, with the Driver staying in the lobby to intimidate the bank employees and prevent them from calling the police. The Driller will move into the vault where the safety deposit boxes are kept, locating box 167 and breaking in via another mini game.

When the Driller has box 167 in their possession, both players will need to exit the bank and get into the Kuruma, evading the police while heading north on Great Ocean Highway. There will be several roadblocks and more cops that any criminal would ever want to see, but the Kuruma is a beast and can smash through just about anything. In order to complete the elite challenges, however, players will want to keep the damage their vehicle takes to less than six percent, but either way the final moments of the heist shouldn't bring too much stress.

While The Fleeca Job may be done, the sunny state of San Andreas has a lot more to offer, including 50 stunt jumps that are way more fun than they should be, and some nifty assassination missions that go down between Lester and Franklin. We've got them all covered, and will be continuing to provide more Grand Theft Auto V strategy including an elite challenge walkthrough to the Prison Break heist.

Elsewhere on USG we've got guides covering how to make the most out of the stock market, a full list of GTA 5 Cheats, and all the info you need on GTA Online Gunrunning.

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