No Man's Sky - How to Name Animals

No Man's Sky - How to Name Animals

Here's how to name the animals you find in No Man's Sky.

No Man's Sky features a vast array of undocumented florae and faunae which gives you a chance to play Space Adam or Space Eve. There are literally trillions of different species in the game, but you can take ownership and be the first to dicover certain ones. If you are the first, you can actually rename them whatever you wish (just like Darwin!). Here's how to name animals in No Man's Sky.

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How to Rename Animals in No Man's Sky

Before you can name animals, you need to fix your Analysis Visor. To do that, collect 25 iron from common rocks on your starting planet. Enter your inventory (press the Touch Pad on the PlayStation 4), select the multi-tool tab, and select "Repair" (hold X on the PlayStation 4 controller). from there it's just a simple matter of following these steps:

  • When your Analysis Visor is fixed up, go on a trip until you find a beastie of some kind. Scan it , making sure to hold the cursor until the scan is complete and the animal's information pops up on your screen.
  • Enter your Discoveries menu (Options button on PlayStation 4). Select the animal you want to rename, it'll be the last one you scanned so top of the list. Hover the cursor over the target animal and press triangle/Y to rename it. A text box will pop up and you can enter whatever you'd like. Next time you scan that animal you'll see its new name, and it will forever be logged in the annals of No Man's Sky history.
  • When you're done, the animal's new name will be uploaded to the game's servers automatically, and you'll be rewarded with units (money) for your work.

Why Rename Animals?

Aside from the fun and satisfaction of naming the animals you come across, labelling each species can help you separate the harmless puppies from the mauling sabertooths. Try naming animals after their most distinctive qualities or their deadliest features. Of course, you can just be "smart" about your new responsibility and name everything you come across after butts and farts.

That's all you need to know about renaming animals in No Man's Sky. For more on the game, you should head over to our No Man's Sky Tips Guide.

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