No Man's Sky - How to Name Planets and Star Systems

No Man's Sky - How to Name Planets and Star Systems

Here's how to name planets and star systems in No Man's Sky. Make your mark!

One of the coolest things about No Man's Sky is getting to discover and name your own systems and planets. There are literally billions of planets to see and explore, so wherever you wind up flying to, there's a place for you to call home. Here's how to name star systems and planets in No Man's Sky.

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How to Name Planets and Star Systems in No Man's Sky

Each undiscovered system and planet you come across has a default name, but you'll probably want to change them. Luckily, marking your territory is easy. Here's how to name planets and Star Systems in No Man's Sky:

  • When you enter a new system (or when you want to name the default system you start the game in), enter your Discoveries menu (Options button on the PlayStation 4).
  • The left side of the menu lists the star systems and planets you've visited. Put the cursor over the name of the star system you wish to change, and select "Rename and Upload" (Triangle button on the PlayStation 4). Note that they are ordered chronologically, related to when you discovered them, so most recent will be at the top.
  • Once the star system's name is changed, its new title will upload to the game automatically. You'll receive units (money) for your efforts. Congratulations, explorer.

Why Rename a Planet or a Star System?

Given the vast size of No Man's Sky, it's not extremely likely another player will happen across your corner of the universe. But carving out your own niche in space feels pretty good – plus the instant recognition your own naming scheme provides can help you navigate your immediate intergalactic neighborhood (which can be overwhelmingly huge even though it's "yours").

There you have it, how to rename a planet in No Man's Sky. For tips on naming other things in the game, check out our guide on how to rename animals in No Man's Sky.

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