The Walking Dead Our World Buildings - Types, Rewards, Survivors, Timer Reset, Rescue Missions and Upgrades

All the info you’ll need to clear your neighbourhood of bloodthirsty walkers.

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If you want to level up fast and earn more cards, you'll need to drop survivors off at buildings. And while The Walking Dead Our World shows you how to do so early on, it leaves out a lot of valuable info to help you make the most out of every building you place on the map. In this Walking Dead Our World Buildings Guide, we've collected all of the vital info you need to know about Buildings in The Walking Dead Our World. We'll show you what each building does, what cards you'll get from each one, and more.

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The Walking Dead: Our World Buildings

Buildings are an important part of The Walking Dead Our World, as they will grant the player rewards for placing rescued survivors. There are a few different types to choose from, each with different bonuses and rewards for dropping off survivor cards. You can place buildings wherever you like on the map, and can slowly build out a community from individual structures. There’s a lot to take in, so read on to find out more info that’ll make sure you’re doing everything right from the get-go.

The Walking Dead Our World Building Types List - Every Building Type Explained

There are four different buildings to choose from in The Walking Dead Our World. In the following list, we’ll give you all of the info on each one, including building rewards, cost, and more.

  • Armory - The Armory will give you Weapon Cards for dropping off survivors, each one costs 10 Armory Tokens
  • Shelter - Will reward you with Hero Cards for dropping off survivors, each one costs 10 Shelter Tokens
  • Trading Post - Dropping off survivors at a Trading Post will reward you with Coins. Each one costs 10 Trading Tokens
  • Warehouse - Warehouses will reward you with perks for dropping off survivors, they cost 10 Warehouse Tokens Each to build

You can earn Building Tokens by completing Infestations. You’ll be awarded a random amount of each type every time you complete one. You can check how many types of each you have by heading into the backpack building menu.

How to Upgrade Buildings in The Walking Dead Our World

One of the best ways to earn Coins in The Walking Dead Our World is to drop survivors off at buildings. As you progress through the game, and drop more survivors off, your building will increase in level. Each subsequent level your building is working towards will require more and more survivors to reach, though the rewards for reaching higher levels are significant. The higher your building level is, the more coins you will receive for dropping off survivors. You just need to keep dropping them off, and reach the next level before the 10 day time limit in order to keep a building going.

The Walking Dead Our World Building Timer

One thing to keep an eye on when levelling buildings is the reset timer. Every 10 days, your building will disappear, unless you reach the next level in that time. This means that you need to consistently drop survivors off at buildings to keep things going, or you’ll lose your progress when the timer resets. What will become apparent early on is that you won’t be able to keep every building you own going on your own, so you’ll need to work together with other players to keep reaping the high-level rewards.

The Walking Dead Buildings - Founders and Leaders

Buildings are shared across all of the players in your area meaning that you’ll have to collaborate to reach and maintain higher levels. One of the incentives for doing so is the Leader and Founder titles attached to every building in the game. The player who builds the building will be designated the Founder, and the one that has dropped the most survivors off collectively will be labelled as the Leader. Both titles reward players with more coins per survivor, so are absolutely worth keeping on your radar.

The Walking Dead Our World Rescue Missions

A great way of getting more survivors is to undertake Rescue Missions. You’ll find them on your map while out exploring, and will be indicated by a waving Survivor icon. Rescue missions are pretty straight forward encounters where you have to protect a character from a group of zombies. You’ll earn survivors for completing them, which you can then drop off at Buildings.

That’s everything you need to know about Buildings in The Walking Dead Our World. We’ll be adding more guides for the game as we spend more time with it, so stay tuned for more zombie-themed info.

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