Monster Hunter World Behemoth - How to Track and Kill the Behemoth in MHW, Best Weapons to Use

This Monster Hunter World guide will teach you how to track and kill any monster in MHW, including beasts like the Great Jagras, Anjanath, Rathalos, and Diablos.

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The Final Fantasy 14 Behemoth has arrived in Monster Hunter World, but for a crossover event with another game, this is one of the more brutal fights in the entire game. In this Monster Hunter World Behemoth guide, we'll be detailing exactly how to kill the MHW Behemoth, which is going to take a hell of a lot more effort than a standard quest, as well as listing the new MHW Behemoth armor sets, which you can craft from any loot items you manage to scrape from the battle.

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Monster Hunter World Behemoth Guide

Once you’ve downloaded the version 5.0 update for Monster Hunter World (which comes in at around 900MBs), you’re ready to tackle the Behemoth. Well, almost ready. The only other requirement for kicking off the Behemoth’s questline is that your Hunter Rank is at least level 16. For a full walkthrough of how to increase this level rapidly, head over to our Monster Hunter World Hunter Rank guide.

Once you’re in Astera, talk to the Serious Handler near the starting area in the Trading Yard, with a blue exclamation mark above her head. She’ll give you the Special Assignment called ‘Visitor from Another World’. Load into the Wildspire Waste, and you’ll have to track down the Cactuars, following them from the starting camp area, and heading north.

Once the cutscene has played out, you’ll have to slay the oversized Kulu-Ya-Ku! This beast is way stronger than the one you've previously been fighting, so make sure to use that SOS Flare to summon in other players. After you’ve finally downed the Kulu-Ya-Ku for good, you’ll be returned to Astera, where you can undertake ‘The Legendary Beast’ quest.

However for this quest you don’t actually have to outright kill the Behemoth, and all you have to do is repel the new creature. You’ll automatically repel the Behemoth once it performs the Ecliptic Meteor attack, and the quest will conclude straight after.

How to Defeat the Monster Hunter World Behemoth

Check out our steps below, for a complete guide on how to finally beat the Behemoth in Monster Hunter World.

  • Capcom themselves recommended fighting the Behemoth with no less than 4 players.
  • You build up “Enmity” while attacking the Behemoth’s head. The more Enmity you build up, the more the Behemoth is going to focus its attacks on you.
  • When the red line single out one player, this means the Behemoth is focusing on that player alone, letting the other players hit home.
  • The Behemoth rains down meteors from the sky, which stay on the ground as large rocks, which only the Behemoth can then break with attacks.
  • You need to draw the Behemoth away from the meteors on the ground so they remain intact.
  • This is because the during the Ecliptic Meteor attack from the monster, you need to use the meteors on the ground as cover, or your entire team can easily get wiped.
  • The Behemoth might be massive, but most of its attacks land directly in front of it, so you should be fairly safe if you’re to the side or behind the monster.
  • Since Behemoth counts as an Elder Dragon, it’s immune to traps.
  • You can break the Behemoth’s horns and tail for extra crafting parts.

Best Weapons to Use Against the Monster Hunter World Behemoth

Speaking basically, you're not going to stand a chance against the Behemoth unless you have at least two other players with you. If there's a total of four players in your party when facing the Behemoth we'd recommend using a Bow/Bowgun, an Insect Glaive, a Hunting Horn, and a Lancer when going after the huge beast. If you plan on being the tank for the group and drawing the attacks of the Behemoth, then a weapon with a shield is a must.

MHW Behemoth Rewards

As a reward for beating the Behemoth, you’ll have the chance to craft the new Dragoon Drachen armor, and the new Insect Glaive, called True Gae Bolg. The weapon has a base attack of 589, while boasting an affinity of 20 and dragon element attack of 300. The Drachen armor meanwhile, increases critical damage to 40%, while also boosting elemental airborne attacks.

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    I feel so lucky that I got odogaron during my first hunt. I am new to MH and I was really intimidated with this monster. I always run away when he is close by, as I play solo right now. He is the ugliest monster for me and the most brutal (as a low rank hunter). I main Insect Glaive, Pulsar Rod III, and I mixed and matched Legiana Armor and Hornetaur Armor for him. I trapped him and oh thanked god I got him! Astera jerky is a must have too!
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    Deviljho has no habitat, it's just like bazelguese and wanders killing anything that moves or is meaty, it will even eat it's own tail.
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    These are the most unhelpful reviews on the Web. Eat a meal. Avoid attacks. It's the exact same how to for every monster. Try to do damage when possible. I mean really. Your advice is simply to play the game. No tips. No strategy. No nothing. Just try to hit it and not get hit. Thanks for the really great advice.
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    i could not fucking find the fucking tracks in the fucking forest i when moved forward from the golden scale?
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    Here is a video of me taking out the Odogaron:

    How To Kill The Odogaron
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