Destiny 2 Make Bows Not War Quest Steps - How to Get the Leviathan's Breath Bow

Destiny 2 Make Bows Not War Quest Steps - How to Get the Leviathan's Breath Bow

Here's our walkthrough for the Destiny 2 Make Bows Not War quest, including all quest steps in getting the Leviathan's Breath bow, and more.

As part of the Season of the Undying, there's a new Exotic quest in Destiny 2, centered around a bow. This is the 'Make Bows Not War' quest, and it'll lead you into eventually obtaining the Leviathan's Breath bow. In this complete Destiny 2 Make Bows Not War walkthrough, we'll be guiding you through every single quest step, so you know how to get the Exotic bow as easily as possible.

Destiny 2 Make Bows Not War

The name of the quest relating to the new Exotic is called 'Make Bows, Not War.' To get started, visit Banshee-44 in The Tower. He'll give you the Make Bows Not War quest, and you'll need to complete the following steps in order to get the Leviathan's Breath.

  • The Back Way - Find the hidden Bow in The Tower.
  • Where Are the Keys, Sir - Go back and talk to Banshee-44.
  • Intro to Safecracking 101 - Complete either Gambit matches or Strikes.
  • Advanced Safecracking 101 - Kill Vex or Cabal with precision bow kills.
  • Economics of War - Complete the special Arms Dealer mission in the EDZ.
  • Martial Archery 401 - Head back to Banshee-44's workshop.

The Back Way

To kick off this Leviathan's Breath Exotic quest, you need to visit Banshee-44 in The Tower. He'll provide you with the 'Make Bows Not War' quest item, which tasks you with finding Banshee-44's hidden workshop in The Tower. Check out the video below on how to do just that.

Where Are the Keys, Sir

After you've discovered the workshop and interacted with the cage, you'll be told to go back to Banshee-44 to retrieve the keys. To complete this quest stage, all you need to do is talk to Banshee-44, and he'll give you the 'Intro to Safecracking 101' quest step.

Intro to Safecracking 101

In this stage, Banshee-44 tasks you with completing a certain amount of Gambit matches, or Strikes. However, we've found that you can advance the completion rate of the activities by instead completing Nightfall Strikes and Gambit Prime matches, in particular you can complete this step by playing four Gambit Prime matches. All you need to do is complete as many of them required by Banshee-44, while not necessarily winning them, to fulfill this quest step.

Advanced Safecracking 101

After you're done with Gambit matches or Strikes, you need to kill a certain amount of Vex or Cabal with precision hits, while using a Bow. For this, we'd recommend undertaking the Vex Offensive on the Moon.

Economics of War

In the penultimate stage of the Leviathan's Breath quest, you need to complete a special mission on Earth in the European Dead Zone. This is basically a mission variant of the Arms Dealer Nightfall Strike, set on a difficulty level of 900.

For this, you're going to want to form up with a whole team, and take elemental weapons with you since their damage is increased for the mission. Hang back, since enemies deal increased melee damage, and take the Strike slowly.

Martial Archery 401

Now head back to Banshee-44 in The Tower, once you're done with the Arms Dealer mission. Banshee will congratulate you, and finally present you with the key to the cage that you originally tried to open in his secret workshop.

So, it's time to head all the way back to Banshee-44's secret workshop, using the same route as before. This time though, when you go to open the weapons cage on the wall, it'll actually open up, letting you claim the new Leviathan's Breath Exotic bow. Mission accomplished!

Leviathan's Breath Exotic Bow

The main reason for obtaining the Leviathan's Breath is that is has a unique knock back effect on enemies. The disadvantage here is that the bow takes a long time to fully charge, but no matter where you hit someone once it's charged, it'll knock them back and deal some heavy damage.

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