Surge 2 Parrying - How to Parry Attacks

Surge 2 Parrying - How to Parry Attacks

Here's how to parry attacks in The Surge 2.

Although you can simply block attacks in The Surge 2 by pressing a single button, it pays to parry attacks where you can, to really put your enemy on the back foot. In this Surge 2 parrying guide, we'll be walking you through how to parry directional attacks as easily as possible.

The Surge 2: How to Parry

In The Surge 2, you can block regular attacks from human-sized enemies by holding down the left shoulder button on your controller. However this only blocks a portion of the full damage you'd receive if you weren't blocking the incoming attack at all.

Parrying attacks is a bit more complicated. When you're locked onto an enemy, and holding down the left shoulder button to block, you might see a white directional indicator come up near the middle of the screen. This is an indicator to tell you which direction your foe is about to attack from.

To parry an attack, you need to flick the right analog stick in this direction, but at the last moment before the attack lands. There's no use holding the analog stick in the corresponding direction, as all you'll do is pull of a regular block. Only by holding down the left shoulder button, locking onto an enemy, and flicking the right stick in the correct direction, right before the attack lands, will you successfully parry an attack.

Although parrying an attack does eat up a little bit of your available stamina in The Surge 2, it opens your opponent up for some big attacks. When parried, your opponent will stagger backwards, sometimes even with their back to you for a brief few seconds. It's your job to deal the maximum damage possible in this small window of opportunity, while your opponent can't respond.

Note that parrying in The Surge 2 applies to human sized enemies with melee weapons only. As a general rule, if they're the same size as you, and carrying a melee weapon, you can probably parry their attacks.

If it's more coverage of Deck13's sequel you're after, then we've got you sorted. You can continue ahead to our Surge 2 parrying guide, our page on how to save in The Surge 2, our guide on how to recover Tech Scrap in The Surge 2, or our page on how to cut weapons in The Surge 2.

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