The Surge 2 How to Save - How to Save Your Progress

The Surge 2 How to Save - How to Save Your Progress

This is our guide on how to save your progress manually in The Surge 2.

The Surge 2 unfortunately doesn't feature a manual save system, so you might be left wondering when your game last saved your progress. In this guide to the game, we'll be walking you through how to save in The Surge 2, as there's one telltale sign that your progress is being recorded.

The Surge 2: How to Save

As we mentioned above, there isn't a menu option anywhere within The Surge 2 to save your progress. Although there is a pause menu option to quit back to the main menu of the game, the game relies on an autosave system to record your progress.

The sign of your progress being autosaved can be found in the top left corner of the screen. It takes the form of a spinning square surrounded by lines, with the lines drawing in and back out from the square every time it spins around. Seeing this symbol in The Surge 2 means that your progress is currently being recorded, and so you won't want to quit out of the game to the main menu while you can see the symbol on your screen.

Does The Surge 2 Autosave?

So when does this symbol of autosaving in The Surge 2 appear? You'll recognise the Med Bays in the game, which you can see below. These basically act as checkpoints in The Surge 2, since you'll respawn at the last Med Bay you used whenever you die.

As such, The Surge 2 will autosave your progress every time you use a Med Bay. This doesn't matter when you use the Med Bay, but you must interact with the actual Med Bay itself by holding down Square/X while standing in front of it, then back out of the upgrade menu, in order for the autosave symbol to appear. You can't just enter the safe room with the Med Bay in, and then run back out again, expecting it to have saved your progress.

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