The Surge 2 Tech Scrap - How to Recover Your Lost Tech Scrap

The Surge 2 Tech Scrap - How to Recover Your Lost Tech Scrap

Here's how to recover your lost Tech Scrap in The Surge 2.

Dying will become a pretty familiar sight in your time with The Surge 2, but it's what you do after dying that can really make an impact on your playthrough. In our Surge 2 Tech Scrap guide, we'll be walking you through how to recover your lost Tech Scrap after your character bites the dust, so you can recover all your accumulate currency as easily as possible.

The Surge 2 Tech Scrap Explained

If you're unfamiliar with Tech Scrap, it forms the basic currency of The Surge 2. You'll automatically acquire Tech Scrap for every enemy you kill, and you can also sometimes find the currency within containers.

It's your job to accumulate as much Tech Scrap as possible, and then proceed to a Med Bay to spend it all. In The Surge 2, Med Bays act as safe rooms, where you can spend your Tech Scrap on either levelling up your core attributes like health, stamina, and battery power, or on upgrading your weapons and armor items.

But when you die in The Surge 2, you lose all the Tech Scrap you have on you at that point in time. When this happens, you respawn back at the last Med Bay you visited, and the Tech Scrap you had on you when you died will be lying on the floor, exactly where you died, waiting for you to recover it.

The Surge 2: How to Recover Tech Scrap

This is where The Surge 2 throws a spanner in the works. Instead of being able to recover the Tech Scrap in your own time, the game provides you with a time limit in the top left corner of the screen. If this time elapses before you can make it back to your Tech Scrap where you died, it'll be gone forever.

But there are ways to extend this time limit. Firstly, you can pause the timer by entering a room with a Med Bay, so don't be afraid to duck out of the action and wait in a Med Bay room if you're running low on health.

Secondly, you can extend the countdown clock by killing enemies. So far, we've seen the countdown clock be pushed back by 20 seconds for every normal, human enemy that you kill. So The Surge 2 at least gives you an incentive to push forward through enemies, going as fast as you can to recover that precious Tech Scrap.

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