The Surge 2 Target Weak Points - How to Target Body, Legs, Arms, Head, and Cut Weapons

The Surge 2 Target Weak Points - How to Target Body, Legs, Arms, Head, and Cut Weapons

This is our guide on enemy weak points in The Surge 2, and how you can target enemy bodies, legs, arms, heads, and cut weapons.

The Surge 2 introduces a 'cut weapon' feature, that allows you to separate your opponent from their weapon, while slaying them at the same time. In this Surge 2 weak points guide, we'll be detailing how you can effectively target the weak point of an enemy, so you can ensure that you're in the best position to cut their weapon away from them in one brutal finishing move.

The Surge 2: How to Target Weak Points

While you have an enemy in your sights in The Surge 2, press in the right analog stick on your controller. This automatically targets the nearest enemy to your player character, and locks you onto them while they're still alive.

Whenever you're locked onto a character in The Surge 2, you aren't just locked onto them as a whole. Instead, you're locking onto body parts, including an enemy's head, left arm, right arm, left leg, and right leg.

You can switch between which part of an enemy body you're targeting by flicking the right analog stick left, right, up, and down. When you do this, you'll get one of two symbols next to the body part. We'll explain them both below:

Blue circle - This denotes an unarmored enemy body part, or a weak point on a boss. Yellow shield - This denotes the armored part of a boss, meaning your attack damage will be drastically reduced if you target this area.

Therefore, you're going to be wanting to target the unarmored body parts of enemies in The Surge 2, to ensure you do the most damage possible. If you're locked onto a body part of an enemy and you see the small yellow shield icon next to them, you're going to want to flick the right analog stick in order to try and find a weak limb on them.

The Surge 2: How to Cut Weapons

But there's another layer to targeting weak points on an enemy in The Surge 2: cutting weapons. Humanoid enemies in the game (of which there are plenty) will always wield weapons in either their left or right hands.

In order to go about 'cutting' a weapon, you need to target the arm that they're wielding the weapon with (with two-handed weapons, you can target either arm). Then, you need to get the enemy down to roughly 10 percent of their maximum health. In other words, you need to try and get the enemy down until they're one hit away from death.

When this happens, a Square/X button prompt will appear below the health bar of the enemy. If you hold the corresponding button down when it appears, you'll enter an animation where your character cuts off the arm on the enemy that you are targeting, killing them in the process.

Doing this will result in one of two rewards: you'll either get the weapon of the enemy, or you'll get a crafting material item. Either way, you'll be rewarded with an item that you can pick up off the ground after you've pulled off the finishing move, and you'll also be rewarded with more Tech Scrap for your efforts.

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