Fallout 76 Hunter/Hunted - How to Start, Radio Station, Rewards

The world of Fallout 76 is a dangerous place. There’s other players, vicious robots and even a new hyper-intelligent race of ghouls to contend with. Here’s how to make sure you stay alive.

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Bethesda just detailed a brand new mode for Fallout 76. It’s called Hunter/Hunted, and sees five players battling it out for supremacy. It’s not immediately clear how to start up a game of Hunter/Hunted, or what the rewards for winning are. Luckily for you, we’ve been busy putting together this Fallout 76 Hunter/Hunted Guide, pulling together all of the info you need to know. We’ll go over the rewards, details on how to start, and what the mode entails for those brave enough to take it on.

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Fallout 76 Hunter/Hunted

The new Hunter/Hunted mode has been described as Bethesda’s answer to battle royale, though in reality that’s not a great descriptor. It’s more of a manhunt mode, in which five players are each given someone to hunt down. The target’s general vicinity is shown via a large radius, which slowly decreases over time. If a player kills their target, then they take on the dead player’s bounty. Whoever is left standing is the winner, with rewards awarded for number of kills and performance.

How to Start Hunter/Hunted Mode in Fallout 76

So you fancy your luck in the new Hunter/Hunted mode huh? Well you’ll need to know how to access it. It all involves tuning into the Hunter/Hunted radio station, which will automatically put you into matchmaking. Once at least four players have joined, the game will begin!

Fallout 76 Hunter/Hunted Rewards

So you’ve killed every other player in the game, what do you get as a reward? Unsurprisingly, you’ll get a load of caps and XP. How much you’re awarded will depend on how far you got, with bonuses added on as a reward for kills (up to six kills maximum). The haul can be pretty significant, and if you’re good enough, Hunter/Hunted is a really great way of making caps.

Fallout 76 Hunter/Hunted Tips

We’ve listed some general tips for surviving Hunter/Hunted mode below. They mostly involve sneaking and shooting, so be sure to study up before you head into battle.

  • Stock up - make sure you have a healthy stock of ammo and Stimpaks before you head in.
  • Perks - customize and gear your Perks towards shooting and health regen.
  • Turn off your Pip Boy light - it will quickly give you away in darker environments.
  • Hunker down - find a building or base and set traps. It’s much easier to ambush other players this way.
  • Use VATS - specifically, use VATS to spot other players.

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