Prey Passwords and Keycodes - All safe codes and door codes - Maintenance Tunnel, Hidden Treasure, Security Booth - Cheat Your Way to Success

Prey Passwords and Keycodes - All safe codes and door codes - Maintenance Tunnel, Hidden Treasure, Security Booth - Cheat Your Way to Success

All the codes, passwords and keycodes you’ll need to get through Prey. Including solutions to every locked safe.

Prey is a game in which there’s a lot of security, with doors and safes locked with high-tech mechanisms. You’ll need to find loads of these Prey keycodes to reach new areas and progress through the game, but thankfully almost all the Prey passwords and found on sticky notes placed on desks or inside emails found on easily unlocked workstations. In this Prey passwords and keycodes guide we’ll give you all the info you need.

Amongst others we have the Prey Debriefing Room Safe Code, the Prey maintenance tunnel code, the Prey escape pod keycode, the Prey Psychotronics Keycard, the Prey security booth keycode, and the Prey hidden treasure code.

If you want more info but don’t want to be told about all these lovely keycodes, head on over to our Prey Guide and Walkthrough to get a complete walkthrough of the game, details on optional objectives, and info on the various Neuromods.

But if you're here for the keycodes, and only the keycodes, then keep on reading, for we've prepared a list of all the keycodes and passwords in Prey that are set in stone for each player.

Prey Keycodes for Doors and Safes

Only a small number of passwords and keycodes in Prey are the same on every playthrough, as most scattered throughout Talos 1 are actually randomly generated on each playthrough. We’ve listed the locations below and provided you with the actual numbers you’ll need to input. Enjoy that number entering! Remember, if the code you're looking for isn't listed in this section, you'll have to find the solution in the next section of this guide.

Location - Safe/DoorKeycode
Neuromod Division - Debriefing Safe5150
Talos 1 Lobby - Morgan Yu’s Office0451
Talos 1 Lobby - Security Safe0526
Talos 1 Lobby - Holding Room1129
Talos 1 Lobby - I.T. Department0913
Talos 1 Lobby - Dr. DeVries’ Safe7324
Hardware Labs - Dr. Thorstein’s Safe9954
Psychotronics - Armory8714
Crew Quarters - Dr. Calvino’s Safe0523
Talos 1 Exterior - Dr. Igwe’s Cargo Container2312
Power Plant - Reactor Room3845

Keycodes and Passwords in Prey

The majority of keycodes and passwords in Prey are generated each time you play, so there isn’t a single number to enter that will work every time. Most keycodes and passwords in Prey can be found by searching the nearby area (there are an amazing number of notes stuck to things that contain login info or safe codes), or you can often hack your way through a locked door.

To begin Hacking in Prey, you'll need to have gained enough Neuromod points to unlock the Hacking 1 ability in the Scientist skill tree. From here, different computers and other hackable items will have different levels of security. So, to hack a security level 3 computer, you'll have to have upgraded your Hacking skill all the way to Hacking 3. Be advised that each successive Hacking skill level costs an increased amount of Neuromod points to unlock, so you'll have to be on the lookout for them around Talos 1.

If you don’t fancy hacking, we’ve got the locations of each keycode and password for you in a easy to read table, directly below this portion of text.

Neuromod Division: Simulation DebriefingMarco Simmons’ passwordNote attached to Simmons’ workstation contains password
Neuromod Division: FoyerSecurity Booth keycodeObtained from a note next to Divya Naaz’s body when you return to the Neuromod Division
Neuromod Division: FoyerSecurity Station passwordFound on same note next to Divya Naaz’s body
Talos 1 Lobby - Executive OfficesJason Chang’s passwordPassword is on a note attached to Jason Chang’s workstation
Talos 1 Lobby - Executive OfficesVolunteer Quarters keycodeUse Bianca Goodwin’s workstation and read the “Volunteer Attitude” email. Do this and you’ll get the keycode to Volunteer Quarters in the Neuromod Division.
Talos 1 Lobby - Staff LoungePilot’s Lounge keycodeUse Octavia Figgs’ TranScribe and listen to the “This isn’t a Drill” audio recording.
Hardware Labs - Thadeus York’s workstationDirector Thorstein’s Office keycodeAccess Thadeus York’s workstation and read the “You’re in Charge” email.
Hardware Labs - Small Scale Testing GroupSmall Scale Testing PasswordFind a clipboard on the floor by the workstation. Read the note attached to obtain password.
Hardware Labs - Small Scale TestingMachine Shop Supply Closet keycodeAccess the workstation in Small Scale Testing and read the email “If you Need Supplies” to obtain keycode.
Hardware Labs - Ballistics LabBallistics Lab Safe keycodeRequires ‘Leverage 1’ - Look for a grate in the corner. The note is underneath.
Talos 1 - ExteriorMachine Shop Supply Closet keycodeUse Dr. Calvino’s TranScribe and listen to the “First Thing Tomorrow” audio recording to get the supply closet keycode.
Psychotronics - ArmoryArmory keycodeGet the keycode to the Armory by sparing Aaron Ingram’s life.
G.U.T.S. - Maintenance TunnelMaintenance Tunnel keycodeA note found on Kimberly Bomo’s body contains the keycode.
G.U.T.S.: Magnetosphere RestroomMagnetosphere Control Room Safe keycodeA note is hidden behind a roll of toilet paper. This note contains the safe keycode.
Arboretum - near the body of Iris SteinJulien Howard’s passwordPassword is on a note found next to Iris Stein’s body.
Crew Quarters: ConciergeFitness Center keycodeAccess the workstation and read the email “New Gym Code”
Crew Quarters - Abigail Foy’s CabinAbigail Foy’s PasswordA note can be found under Abigail’s desk. Crawl underneath to grab it.
Crew Quarters - Lorenzo Calvino’s CabinCalvino’s Safe keycodeAccess Calvino’s workstation and listen to the “Notes 3” audio recording.
Crew Quarters - Cabins B RestroomFitness Center keycodeA note in the restroom contains the keycode.
Crew Quarters - Habitation PodsMail Room keycodeA note can be found in Anders Kline’s habitation pod.
Crew Quarters - KitchenFreezer keycodeThere’s no note this time. Simply observe the cook unlock the freezer to obtain the keycode.
Crew Quarters - Will Mitchell’s CabinExecutive Suites keycodeAccess Will Mitchell’s workstation and read the “Food Request for Alex” email.
Crew Quarters - Recycler RoomExecutive Suites keycodeA note is stuck to a table. Read it to get the keycode.
Crew Quarters - Fitness CenterExecutive Suites keycodeAccess Emma Beatty’s workstation and read the email “Personal Training Session”.
Deep Storage - Corporate Information TechnologyStairwell keycodeA note is next to Zachary West’s workstation.
Deep Storage - Corporate Information TechnologyIvy Song’s passwordAlso on a note next to Zachary West’s workstation.
Deep Storage - Command CenterDeep Storage safe keycodeThis code, which works for both safes in Deep Storage, can be found on a note behind Danielle Sho’s workstation.
Cargo Bay - Shipping and ReceivingGus Magill’s PasswordA note is under a phone next to Gus Magill’s desk.
Cargo Bay - Quartermaster’s OfficeCargo Bay Security Safe keycodeTalk to Sarah Elazar to get the keycode to a safe found in Cargo Bay A.
Power Plant - MonitoringParts Storage keycodeUse Duncan Krassikoff’s TranScribe and listen to the “Keycode Change: Parts Storage” audio recording.
Life Support: Water Treatment FacilityPrice Broadway’s passwordA note can be found inside a crate next to Price Broadway’s workstation.
Life Support: Oxygen Flow Control RoomStorage Room keycodeThe password is found on a note in the Oxygen Flow Control room.
Life Support: Main Lift AccessSecurity Station Safe keycodeA note can be found on Erica Teague’s body that will open the nearby safe.
Talos 1 Bridge: Captain’s LoftBridge Safe keycodeA note can be found under the book on the desk in the Captain’s Loft.

Head elsewhere for a guide to the weapons and upgrades in Prey, plus a complete walkthrough.

That’s a lot of numbers to process. Keep this page bookmarked and return whenever you find yourself a little confused.

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