Prey - How to Open the Safe in the Simulation Debriefing Room and Gain Access to Yu’s Office in Talos 1

Prey - How to Open the Safe in the Simulation Debriefing Room and Gain Access to Yu’s Office in Talos 1

There’s a safe near your apartment but there’s no apparent way to open it. We’ve got the guide to help you out.

Prey is full of little puzzles, often optional, that will test your ability to think around the problem and search for answers. In this Prey guide we'll tell you how to open the Prey Simulation Debriefing Room safe code and how to gain access to Yu's office in Talos 1. This is the sequnce found in the Prey Demo, so if you're stuck finding the solution in that, this is the guide for you.

For more help head on over to our Prey Walkthrough and Guide hub. On there you'll get full area walkthroughs, all codes and passwords, and some general tips.

Prey Simulation Debriefing Room Safe Code

After figuring out that things aren't quite what they seem in the world you're inhabiting, you'll make your way to the 'other side' so to speak. Over there you'll find the Simulation Debriefing Room with a locked safe inside. Quite obviously you need a key code to get into the safe and, oh look, there's a code scrawled onto a whiteboard nearby. But wait! The code is rubbed out and there's no way to restore it. Whatever are you to do?

There's nothing in the nearby area that will help you out so don't spend ages looking high and low for a note or computer entry (although there is an email telling people to be careful with passwords, accessed via a password scribbled on a note stuck to the terminal). To get the code to open the safe in the debriefing room you'll need to carry on through the game. If you want to open the code now skip to the code section below. If you carry on you won't be able to return to the safe straight away.

Keep playing until you reach the Talos 1 lobby and can access your office - this is beyond where you use the travel terminal in the area where you pick up the Neuromod. Once you're in the Talos 1 lobby you'll be told about a video. Make your way to Level 3 and follow the marker to find your office. The office key code is 0451 (found on the computer nearby). Open the door and then use your computer terminal. The video is found in the utilities section.

Prey Simulation Debriefing Room Safe Unlock Code

Oh, would you look at that!

In the video you'll see the very same debriefing room from an earlier point in time, and it's a video showing a full 3D space, so you can look around. The code for the safe hasn't been rubbed off the whiteboard and you can clearly see it if you look to the left hand side of the room.

Prey Debriefing Room Safe Code: 5150

Once you use the code on the safe in the debriefing room you'll get access to the FarScan 002Si. This chipset increases the range at which Typhoon can be scanned with the Psychoscope. Chipsets in Prey are randomly asigned, so while you will find a chipset in the safe you might not get the exact model we found.

If you want to play through Prey again (which is worth doing due to the different ways you can tackle scenarios) you'll be able to unlock the safe straight away.

Fore more Prey help, head elsewhere on the site to get all the Prey codes and passwords, or carry on through the game by heading to our walkthrough covering the game's opening areas.

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