Prey Walkthrough - Atrium, Demonstration Stage, Machine Shop Area, ‘Through a Glass Darkly’ Quest

Prey Walkthrough - Atrium, Demonstration Stage, Machine Shop Area, ‘Through a Glass Darkly’ Quest

Prey, a sci-fi action horror from Arkane Studios, lets players tackle scenarios in numerous ways. This guide will walk you through the game with ideal solutions, passwords you need, and general tips.

Once Morgan has watched the video that was left for them in the office, the entire game perspective changes immediately. Morgan now can't be sure who to trust on Talos 1, as Prey lets the player loose on the space station. This Prey walkthrough will help you get through the 'Through a Glass Darkly' quest.

Should you need help with any other parts of Prey, feel free to head over to our Prey Walkthrough and Guide hub. There you can find entire level walkthroughs, as well as guides that will tell you how to complete optional objectives aboard Talos 1 and find secrets.

Prey Atrium Area Walkthrough

Once Morgan is done watching the video in the office after Alex has intervened, January will contact the player and tell them to head over to the Hardware Labs. This begins the 'Through a Glass Darkly' quest, as Morgan embarks on an epic quest to uncover the truth behind Talos 1, and the alien invasion.

To get to the Hardware Labs, you'll first have to go through Dr. Calvino's Office, so head out of Morgan's office the exact way you came in, and deal with a Mimic on the stairwell. Head into the Teleconferencing Center with your Trauma Center Keycard, but beware that three Mimics are waiting for you in here. Deal with them, but if you retreat and come back later, one of them will be disguised as the Pistol on the floor.

After dispatching the Mimics, search the corpse on the ground and collect the Pistol next to it, and head through the door at the other end of the room. Search the trash cans along the way for some junk items that'll come in useful with a Recycler, and smash through the Gloo blocking your way to the HardWare Labs door.

Prey Hardware Labs Area Walkthrough

Once you enter the Hardware Labs, Prey will introduce hostile machines to the player, which they are given the option of sneaking around, or confronting head on. You can do either here, but if you decide to take them on they can be fairly tough to put down, requiring at least four Shotgun blasts to destroy.

Search the area on your right to find some Frayed Wire, Green Mountain Tea, and a telescope that you can look through to see a corpse floating in space. Continue forward, deeper into the Hardware Labs and then head left, to encounter another Corrupted Machine. Take this out and then collect the Neuromod that it was inspecting, and then continue on down this path.

At the end of this path you'll come across a theatre seating area, with a Phantom behind the glass. Forget about the Phantom as it can't reach Morgan, but search the corpse in the middle of the stairs to collect the Employee Entrance keycard. Now drop down off the end of the seating area and turn right, using the maintenance vent to continue.

Collect the Gloo Canister in front of you, and then use Morgan's Gloo Cannon to seal the leak in the pipe, stopping the fire. Collect a Suit Repair Kit from the corpse and then turn left, smashing the Gloo there to collect some Spare Parts. Now retreat back to where you fought the last Corrupted Machine and turn left, using the Employee Entrance keycard to proceed further into the Hardware Labs.

Defeat the Phantom that's there to greet you straight away, and proceed to the door with green arrows pointing upwards on it, as this will propel Morgan upwards, onto the next floor. Here, collect a TranScriber from the corpse on front of you, and then follow the walkway round to the right, stopping off at the first door you come to, to collect a Medkit and activate a Medical Operator.

Head back through the door, continuing on ahead down the walkway and passing through the next door on your left, at which point January will give Morgan an optional objective on obtaining the Zero G Propulsion System. Retreat back to the walkway and turn left, continuing all the way round until you come to a new room on your left. There's a Phantom and two Mimics in here, so take them out and then head to the back of the room, taking the door on the left to a platform where you can obtain some Gloo ammo.

Backtrack to the previous room, and find the computer in the corner, as one of the emails on here will give you the passcode to Director Thorstein's Office. Turn right from here, head forward to the door, and use the newly-acquired code, heading through into Director Thorstein's Office, and destroying the Phantom in here. Collect the Weapon Upgrade Kit from the briefcase on the right of the room, as well as a Medkit on the wall, and then head out of the door on the left of the office, taking the stairs all the way down to find yourself back in the area before we used the Employee Entrance Card.

Head back into the area where we took the gravity lift up to the walkway, and instead continue ahead and round the corner to the left, going through the door into the Demonstration Stage. Go down onto the main stage area, but take the makeshift Gloo walkway up to the open maintenance vent, where you can collect some Gloo ammo and a TranScriber from a corpse. Go back down onto the main area, and take the stairway down underneath it, fighting the Phantom that Morgan can come across there.

Machine Shop Area Walkthrough

Use the Recycler found there to get rid of all the junk items you've picked up along the way so far, and head into the central room in the area to pick up the Impact Dampener suit mod, which reduces damage sustained from crashing in zero gravity. Now retreat back to where Morgan first entered the Demonstration Stage, and turn left, passing Dr. Calvino's Office as we don't yet have the keycard, and heading through the maintenance vent and into the Machine Shop.

Deal with two Corrupted Machines and one Mimic here, and then activate the lock on the airlock after January has informed you that you'll have to acquire the Zero G Propulsion System in order to proceed. For this, use your Gloo Cannon to climb up onto the platform with the Artax Propulsion System fabrication plan on the desk, and use the Fabricator in the corner of this platform to create the item. Now use your newly-acquired Zero G Propulsion System to get onto the adjacent platform, where there is Gloo ammo and a Suit Repair Kit.

After this, head to the waypoint within the Machine Shop, and Morgan will be all clear to enter into the exterior of Talos 1 for the first time in Prey.

We have a variety of other mission and level walkthroughs for Prey, including how to unlock all the safes in Talos 1, as well as how to survive the opening of the game.

Having acquired the Zero G Propulsion System, Morgan is well on his way to finishing the Through a Looking Glass Darkly quest.

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