Prey Walkthrough - Gathering Echoes Voice Recording Locations, Crew Quarters

Prey Walkthrough - Gathering Echoes Voice Recording Locations, Crew Quarters

Prey, a sci-fi action horror from Arkane Studios, lets players tackle scenarios in numerous ways. This guide will walk you through the game with ideal solutions, passwords you need, and general tips.

Morgan might have just made it to the Deep Storage area, but calamity strikes once again, as his way forward is blocked without a certain amount of voice recordings from a deceased crew member. In this Prey Walkthrough we'll help you complete the Gathering Echoes mission and find the crew quarters.

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Beginning the Gathering Echoes Mission in Prey

As soon as Morgan is notified to go to the Crew Quarters in order to obtain samples of Danielle Sho, turn around from the door to Deep Storage and collect the items both on and around the corpse, including a Crew Quarters keycard, TranScribe, and Gloo Cannon ammo.

Return back up the Grav Lift, and you'll be forced to either sneak around or take out the Phantoms there, if you hadn't taken them out on your way here. Now head left down the path and continue under a walkway, with the Crew Quarters straight ahead of you. Smash through the Gloo blocking the entrance, but be aware that there are two Phantoms stalking the area behind the entrance.

There's a Gloo Cannon on the floor with a decent amount of ammo as soon as you've smashed down the wall of Gloo, so pick that up and get ready to deal with the Phantoms, ignoring the Corrupted Operators as they're trapped in the room to the right. Before you go through the door to the Crew Quarters, don't miss the corpse near the bottom of the stairs, which is holding some Pistol ammo, as well as the Shotgun with some ammo next to it.

Crew Quarters Walkthrough, How to Find all Gathering Echoes Recordings

As soon as you arrive in the Crew Quarters, you'll see a number of humans staggering around in the main foyer area, all under the mind-controlling effects of a Typhon Telepath in the area. Hang back and wait for them all to pass, as should they see you, they'll charge Morgan head on, exploding when they get close enough to cause damage.

If you've got the Leverage 1 ability (which you definitely should have, if you've been following our guide on the best abilities to unlock), head past the stairs on the left to the blocked door, removing all the crates there to gain access to a Medical Bay. Scour the room for a Medkit and several other useful items, and request the Medical Operator if you need one, afterwards heading back to the stairs that you went past.

Deal with the Phantom at the top of the stairs (picking up the Secured Pharmaceuticals keycard from it), and then head into the room to the left, collecting the Weapon Upgrade Kit and the note with the code for the Grav Lift on the desk. Use the Fabricator to get rid of all your junk items while you're in this room, and afterwards head back out of the room and continue along the path on this upper floor, collecting a few items, including a Wrench, from the corpse as you go.

Head into the Yellow Tulip, the first entrance on your left, but beware of the two disguised Mimics in this area. If you have enough Spare Parts, repair the turret near the entrance and position it near the stage, before going into the area to the right of the stage, and through the maintenance vent. In here is a screen that you can use to turn the power on, so do this and now go back past the stage, into the room on the left hand side of the stage, and use the computer to activate the Music Neuromod Demonstration.

Doing this will start up a pretty big fight, which is where the turret comes in handy. Stay in the Yellow Tulip for the duration of the song, fighting off both the Phantoms that appear, and after this the level for the required audio files for Gathering Echoes will be at 30%. Now head out of the Yellow Tulip and turn left, immediately turning right again to head into the Theatre area.

You'll need to be quick in this next area, as there are a number of Cystoid Nests combined with near-constant radiation damage. Ignore the first room on the left and keep heading forward, dealing with the Cystoid Nest on the ceiling and heading into the second room on the left. Go to the middle row of seats, and pick up the TranScribe under the row of chairs, roughly in the middle. After this, the recording level for Gathering Echoes will have risen to 40%, so head back out of this theatre room and move the create right in front of you, going through the maintenance shaft behind it.

Make sure to pick up the ammo in the Gloo Cannon before heading out of the next hatch, and drop down onto the lower floor. Head forward into the next room, but if there's a mind-controlled human on the ground floor let him retreat to the upper floor, as there's a fight to be had here with a Poltergeist. Once you see objects flying around in the room ahead, back up, ready your Psychoscope and Wrench, and wait for the Psychoscope to pick up the Poltergeist. Once it's detected, run towards the Poltergeist and clobber it repeatedly with the Wrench, making sure to dodge flying chairs in the meantime. Keep tabs on the Poltergeist with the Psychoscope, and it should be dead in no time.

Head upstairs, knocking out the mind-controlled human with the Stun Gun (or killing it, if you have to), and pick up all the Character Sheets, the TranScribe, and the keycard to Abigail Foy's cabin. After the TranScribe has played, the audio needed for the Gathering Echoes mission will be at 60%. Head out the door to the left of the large table, and drop off the balcony, heading down the foyer to the Grav Lift at the end, and use the code for it that you picked up earlier. Head up the Grav Lift, and enter the Morgan's Suite, the first room on the left.

In here there's a multitude of items to collect, including Neuromods, a Nullwave Transmitter, and a randomized Chipset. Go to the computer and use the password to gain access to some interesting files, and afterwards head back out of the suite. Head back down the Grav Lift and turn right, turning right again to head into a corridor of crew cabins. Head into the first cabin on the left using the corresponding keycard, and pick up the Exotic Material, Recycler Charge Fabrication Plan, and Chipset found within.

Continue back along the corridor and go into the next cabin on the right without a door, collecting the Anti-Rad Pharma Fabrication Plan, Psi Hypo and Medkit in the cabin. Now go into the next cabin along on the right, without a door, to face the Phantom form of Ivy Song. Collect the Neuromod on the desk before transferring the Conversation Archive 04-12 file, progressing the Gathering Echoes recording rate up to 70%. Now, repair the TranScribe in the corner of the room to bump that rate up to 80%, and head back out into the corridor.

Go right along the corridor, and go into the bathrooms on the right, obtaining the code to the Fitness Center on a note in the middle of the room. Once back in the corridor, continue right into the Habitation Pods area, and head to the last bunk on your immediate right, picking up the note to collect the code for the Mail Room at the front desk. Continue further into the Habitation Pods area and you'll encounter a Poltergeist, so use to the same tactic earlier to despatch it.

Along the middle row of bunks, there'll be a corpse with 9mm ammo and a Suit Repair Kit, as well as a TranScribe in the last bunk featuring Skye Braxton and Danielle Sho, which bumps the required recording rate for Gathering Echoes up to 90%. Now head back to the beginning of the corridor leading to the Habitation Pods, and turn right into the Fitness Center, but be prepared to take out five mind-controlled humans. Either stun or kill them all, and then pick up a TranScribe from the corpse of Emma Beatty, which completes the voice recordings of Danielle Sho for Gathering Echoes.

Should you need help with any other areas of Prey, head over to our guide listing all the Prey keycodes and passwords, as well as our guide on how to make it through the opening section of the game.

Now that you've finally acquired all the voice records of Danielle Sho, it's time to get out of the Crew Quarters and into Deep Storage.

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