Prey Walkthrough - G.U.T.S., Arboretum Area Walkthrough

Prey Walkthrough - G.U.T.S., Arboretum Area Walkthrough

Prey, a sci-fi action horror from Arkane Studios, lets players tackle scenarios in numerous ways. This guide will walk you through the game with ideal solutions, passwords you need, and general tips.

Having just now obtained the Psychoscope and calibrated it properly thanks to Alex, Morgan Yu will now have to make it through the next, more challenging area of Talos 1, surrounded by Cystoid Nests and other space nasties. In this Prey walkthrough we'll guide you through GUTS and Arboretum.

If you need help with any other areas of Talos 1, be sure to head over to our guides walkthrough hub for Prey, featuring entire level and mission walkthroughs exactly like this one, as well as the codes for different safes all around Talos 1.

Prey G.U.T.S. Area Walkthrough

As soon as you're in this next area, proceed forward to enter a zero gravity tunnel. In this tunnel, search the corpse to get an EMP Charge, and then talk to the Engineering Operator to heal up your suit. Head all the way to the end of the tunnel and scan the targets in this next passageway, before dispatching them all.

Head on through the next door, and you should see two jets of fire coming from a pipe. Put these two out using your Gloo Cannon, and then head over the top of the pipe that they were on, where you should see a corpse surrounded by several Cystoid Nests. Shoot them all with the Gloo Cannon, which will allow Morgan to quickly nip in and search the corpse, finding a code on it.

With this code now in your possession, continue heading down the long tunnel, and use the code on the door you come to. At the end of this next section of the tunnel, Morgan will be told by January about his suit's Propulsion System failing. On top of this, Morgan will need a brand new keycard in order to reach the next area, so head back into the main body of the tunnel, and look towards the floating corpse, where there will be an accessway in the ceiling of the tunnel that leads to a brand new area.

Take this route, which will lead Morgan into an area of controlled gravity, and go through into the next room, in which there will be a computer with an area map, as well as a Weapon Upgrade Kit right next to it. Head up the staircase in the room, and take shelter behind the boxes once you've passed through the door, because this next section will require the perfect timing from Morgan Yu.

The second you hear the shockwave in the huge cylinder fire, you'll want to sprint out from your hiding place and through the door on your left, avoiding the Cystoid Nests on your right. Morgan will be in zero-gravity in the cylinder, so make your way across to the corpse and search it to obtain the Maintenance Tunnel keycard, which will unlock the rest of the large gravity tunnel that Morgan was previously in. Quickly make your way out of the cylinder before the shockwave fires again, and back into the main zero-gravity tunnel, to the door that was previously locked.

Use the Maintenance Access keycard, and head forward into the next section of the tunnel, where January will give you a briefing on the Coral. Should you be in need of a Medkit then head right at the junction, but be advised that there are several unstable containers leaking radiation between Morgan and the Medkit. Otherwise, turn left at the junction and proceed onwards, heading straight past the Weaver as quickly as possible, and reaching the door leading to the Arboretum on the left near the end of the tunnel.

Once Morgan has entered stable gravity, there is a Typhon Lure immediately ahead on the ground, which can be used to distract any enemies in a certain area. Scour the shelves on your left for a variety of items, but after this head straight through the main door in the area, leading to the Arboretum.

Prey Arboretum Area Walkthrough

As soon as you're into the Arboretum area, January will call, congratulating Morgan on making it this far into Talos 1, and pointing him towards the Deep Storage entrance, which is in the Arboretum area.

There's a Mimic in disguise in this area, so keep that in mind while collecting all the loot around the corpse immediately ahead of you, including a Stun Gun, TranScriber, and 9mm ammo on the corpse itself. There's also a Recycler and a Fabricator in this room, which should undoubtedly be taken advantage of.

Head up the stairs once you're ready to take on the next section, and turn right once you see the massive Typhon monster through the door, climbing up into the vent on the wall and making your way round the corner, until you can climb up into the Arboretum. Once you're up onto open ground, head away from the stairs, collecting the note next to the button on your left to start the Gardening Tips quest, past the building with a broken code panel on your right, and keep following the path there, until you come to a corpse with some Pistol ammo.

Now head all the way around the large building on your left, and come down the large flight of stairs that you come to, grabbing some FlexiFoam Bolts from the box next to a broken turret. Head down the rest of the stairs on your right and collect the Pistol ammo on your left once you reach the bottom, afterwards heading to the open corridor opposite the stairs to collect a Medkit and a Disruptor Fabrication Battery Plan from the corpse just opposite the stairs.

Head down the corridor, and just before the two turrets there'll be a door on the right, which will lead to a Medical Bay with a Medkit and a Medical Operator dispenser. Head back out to the mouth of the corridor, and turn left, heading left at the next junction you come to, so that the Crew Quarters are now behind Morgan. Continue heading in this direction, towards Deep Storage in order to complete the Detour mission, but be warned that there are two Phantoms waiting outside the Grav Lift, as well as several other Mimics not far away.

Once you've dealt with, or snuck past all of these Typhon enemies, head down the Grav Lift, and unlock the airlock to your left, before continuing ahead and trying to unlock the door, only to find that you'll need to provide a replica of Danielle Sho's voice in order to proceed.

This brings an end to the walkthrough of the Arboretum, but consult our other guides on Prey, such as how to obtain all the keycodes and passwords in the game, as well as how to navigate the opening section of the game.

You might have made it past various Phantoms and finally found the entrance to Deep Storage, but Morgan will now be tasked with obtaining various voice samples of Danielle Sho.

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