Prey Walkthrough - Reactor Control Room, Reboot Mission Walkthrough

Prey Walkthrough - Reactor Control Room, Reboot Mission Walkthrough

Prey, a sci-fi action horror from Arkane Studios, lets players tackle scenarios in numerous ways. This guide will walk you through the game with ideal solutions, passwords you need, and general tips.

Now that Morgan has successfully helped Sarah Elazar and her allies survive within Cargo Bay B thanks to a few turrets, it's time to forge ahead into the main body of Talos 1, taking the fight to the Typhon threat. In this Prey Walkthrough we'll give you all the info you need to complete the Reboot mission.

In case you need a hand with any other areas of Talos 1, feel free to head over to our guides walkthrough hub for Prey, featuring articles like how best to spend your Neuromod points, as well as listing every safe passcode in the game.

As soon as you've finished the onslaught of Phantoms in the loading zone of the cargo bay, head out of the main door and into a room with several Ascension Shipping Co. crates. Make a note of the numbers on the side of all of them, apart from the numbers that have red lock symbols above them, and head to the computer to the right of the door you entered in. Here, you can enter the numbers you took down and unlock the corresponding containers, claiming the various items stashed within.

Head to the other large door in the room, in the upper left corner, and search the corpse there before heading through, to pick up some Pistol ammo, Shotgun shells, and a Neuromod. When you're through the large door after pressing the Manual Override button, turn left, making your way past the Phantom stalking the area, and going through the door to the Life Support Area.

Prey Life Support, Reboot Mission Walkthrough

As soon as you enter the Life Support area, there'll be a Phantom dead ahead of you, in the next room. If you wish to sneak by, hide behind the tube on your right, but otherwise tackle it head on. At this point, the Reboot mission will begin, as Morgan is trapped behind the lockdown imposed by Alex, and will need to reboot the entire Talos 1 system in order to lift the lockdown.

When you're in the room with the Phantom, look to your left to see a faulty electrical junction, creating an area of the floor that'll zap Morgan if you get too close. Shoot the junction with the Gloo Cannon to stop this, then continue round the corner and take the Grav Lift down. It's entirely possible that a Nightmare might be waiting for you at the bottom of the Grav Lift, and if there is, just return straight back up the Grav Lift, and wait for the Nightmare timer to expire.

If you'd like some story details, then head to the hallway leading off to the back of the Grav Lifts, as although there are two fairly powerful Phantoms in this area, there are a few TranScribes that give the player some details about how the scientists on Talos 1 dealt with the outbreak. But either way, continue straight forward from the Grav Lifts, and turn right at the junction, to come to a door you have to scan.

From here, Morgan will have to go and take out the Technopath that is blocking the door, so head back to the junction, and climb on top of the pipes in front of you, going round the corner to the right. Climb on top of the pipe you come to, and you'll find yourself sandwiched directly between two pipes, so continue forward and climb onto the pipe running across the width of the hallway.

Once you're in the middle of this pipe, turn back around and jump onto the pipe that was previously above you, and then turn right, facing the objective. Continue forward until you're facing the wall, and create a Gloo walkway that runs up to the higher balcony on the other side of the hallway. Take the maintenance vent as soon as you're up on the balcony, and when you come out, you'll be looking down on the Technopath from above.

Plan your attack carefully, utilising any Typhon abilities you have, and any powerful weapons you possess to take out the Technopath, as this is a tough fight. Since the power is out, you'll need to head to the locked door that leads into this entire area from the hallway where you previously where, and use the computer screen there to turn back on the power. Once this is done, search the corpse next to the computer to pick up a Chipset, and head up the stairs on your left, running all the way round to the Monitoring Room.

Deal with the Phantom in this room, and then go to the computer to the right of where you entered, searching the box to the left of the actual computer to find the passcode on a note within. Head to the next computer to the left, and again search the box to the left of it, to pick up a randomised Chipset.

Now return to the computer that you used to turn on the power, and proceed out of the door behind it, going all the way down the hallway until you come to the door to the Power Plant, that was previously locked by the Technopath.

If you need help with any other areas at all of Prey, head over to any number of our guides on the game, such as our list of all the keycodes and passwords in the game, as well as our guide on the best Neuromod abilities to unlock first.

Morgan may have finally found their way around that pesky Technopath, but there's still quite the challenge ahead to reboot Talos 1.

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