Prey Walkthrough - Talos 1 Lobby Walkthrough, How to Find the Shotgun, Fighting Phantoms

Prey Walkthrough - Talos 1 Lobby Walkthrough, How to Find the Shotgun, Fighting Phantoms

Prey, a sci-fi action horror from Arkane Studios, lets players tackle scenarios in numerous ways. This guide will walk you through the game with ideal solutions, passwords you need, and general tips.

Prey throws a lot at the player in the opening hour, as not only is it revealed that the life of Morgan Yu is a lie, but aliens have begun to wipe out the human population. This is a Prey walkthrough for the Lobby section of the opening to Prey, including all weapons, ammunition, and TranSciber locations.

We have a wealth of other walkthrough guides for Prey, all of which can be found over on our Prey Walkthrough and Guide hub page. This page features entire level walkthroughs, pointing our where to go in Talos I to collect the most valuable equipment for Morgan Yu.

As soon as Morgan makes it into the Lobby section after picking up the first Neuromod, head staight forward to pick up the Shotgun by the corpse on the ground, as well as searching the corpse itself for a Medkit and the briefcase on the bench for two more Neuromods. Once you're out of this corridor and have realised that Morgan is, in fact, on a spacestation, turn to the right and use the water fountains there to gain back a critical few points of health.

Once you've reached the bottom of the stairs, turn to your right and head forward to find a briefcase with a single, albeit valuable Shotgun shell inside. Turn around, and with the edge of the Lobby running parallel on your right, head forward to find a corpse next to the railing, with a Skying Pomegranate. Head into the 'TranStar Exhibit' room to your left, and prepare to fight your first Phantom in Prey.

The Phantom is an enemy which is prone to shifting around, which means to properly take it down, you'll want to keep it in one place. Therefore, use the Glue Canon to your advantage to pin it in one place, giving it a blast from the Shotgun right after. Once the fight is over, collect the Neuromod in a cabinet in the Exhibition room, and head to the door at the far end of the room from where you entered, collecting the Medkit on the wall before you exit.

There are a fair few Mimics out here, so once you've taken care of them all, collect the Spare Parts to the right of the door. Head up the staircase, dealing with the Mimic that appears on the stairwell, and collecting the Biohazard Waste item from the corpse on your way. Once you're on the top floor, head to your right and into the first room ahead to collect the Trauma Centre Keycard, as well as the passcode to the Volunteer Quarters in the room adjacent to this one.

Head to the computer situated behind the turret in the hallway, and examine the sticky note to find the password for it. The passcode for Morgan's office can then be found in an email, which grants Morgan access to the final room in this Lobby section of Prey. Once you're into Morgan's Office and are facing the computer, head to the area on the left to pick up a bunch of items on both desks there, which can then be placed in the Recycler and turned into more valuable items.

Before you use the computer to receive the video left for you, head past the computer and interact with the Safe on the far wall, collecting a Weapon Upgrade Kit left there for you. Collect the 3 Neuromods, Silenced Pistol, and the Teleconferencing Keycard on your desk, before finally interacting with the computer to receive the valuable video.

Should you instead wish to go back into the Lobby and collect any valuable items in optional side areas that Morgan has missed, then keep reading, but otherwise feel free to head over to our next chronological guide for Prey.

To cover all the optional ground on the upper floor, head out of Morgan's Office and onto the stairwell, continuing into the Teleconferencing Center ahead of you. Head through the next door leading out of the room, and turn right, continuing ahead till there's a door to the Sales Division on your right. There's a Phantom in this Sales Division office, so be prepared for a fight, but there are plenty of items to be scavenged from the room afterwards, including an Employee List, and a Neuromod.

Now head back the stairwell that's just outside the Executive Offices, and descend to the floor below, for we now have the Trauma Center Keycard. Head into this new section of the Lobby, and scavenge around this first room, but don't go into the next part of the Trauma Center just yet. There are two Phantoms in the next area along, one of which has special fire-related abilities, so make sure to prepare using Medkits and other items for the fight ahead.

Once both Phantoms have been destroyed (or if you instead chose to sneak around them), head into the far room in the left corner of the area, to search a corpse and retrieve a Petri Dish Sample, as well as some Biohazard Waste in the back corner of the room. If you continue ahead past the larger circular glass room in the center and head left, you'll come to an area with someone that's being mind controlled. Don't use the code and enter into his cell, as there's no benefit to killing him, but instead pick up the Psi Hypo on the side table, and back out of this room.

The corpse in the very centre of the room contains a Spare Parts item, crucial for mending and tampering with electric objects, and there are also some Shotgun Shells on the corpse of Martin Giroud - situated just outside of this circular room. Aside from this, you can also use the large, slightly pyramid shaped machine in the right corner of the Trauma Center to request a new Medical Operator. Once spawned this droid will heal Morgan once you've interacted with it, but it won't follow you around, and will only stay in the Trauma Center.

If you head back out of the Trauma Center and onto the stairwell from which you entered, you'll see the Staff Lounge dead ahead of you, which is blocked off by fallen debris. To reach this area, you'll need to head back through the Teleconferencing Center, and stop on the walkway that leads to the Sales Division. If you turn to your right, you'll see two pipes that Morgan can jump on to. Do this, and then run to the other end of them, jumping off to reach a brand new platform. Fight the Mimic that's hiding here - taking care not to break and fall through the glass floor - and then head through the door on the right that'll take Morgan into the Staff Lounge.

There's a corpse as soon as you enter the Staff Lounge which can be pillaged for some valuable loot items, and there's also a Recycler to the left of Morgan that can be used to dispose of all your junk items. Aside from this, scavenge around the bar area in particular for some previous items, but also be aware that there are four Mimics in total lurking around the Staff Lounge, all hidden in various places.

To reach the reception area just outside the Shuttle Bay, head to the bottom of the stairwell that Morgan used to get to the Executive Offices, but head through the door to the left of the stairs instead of using them. Jump onto the large pipe on the left hand side of the corridor, and follow it all the way round, eventually dropping down into the reception area. Use the computer immediately next to you to glean some story information for Prey, and pick up the Shotgun Shells, as well as the ammo in the Shotgun itself, on the desk.

Next to the Shotgun on the lamp, there's a sticky note that'll reveal the Holding Room Code to Morgan, which can be found in the corner of this same room. In this Holding Room, there's a Mimic hiding just behind the desk, as well as corpse holding a Suit Repair Kit, and a note on the desk itself with some rather interesting story information. Back out of this Holding Room and head into the next room along, collecting the Weapon Upgrade Kit immediately on your right, as well as downloading the full map of the Lobby area from the Utilities section on the computer.

Should you need any help with any other areas of Prey and Talos I, head over to our guides on how to make it through the opening section of the game, as well as our complete list of keycodes and passwords you'll need in Prey.

From here, hit the Manual Override button the door, and you're fully up to date with all optional areas in the Lobby section of Talos I.

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