Prey Walkthrough - Through a Glass Darkly, Talos 1 Exterior, Getting to Psychotronics Guide

Prey Walkthrough - Through a Glass Darkly, Talos 1 Exterior, Getting to Psychotronics Guide

Prey, a sci-fi action horror from Arkane Studios, lets players tackle scenarios in numerous ways. This guide will walk you through the game with ideal solutions, passwords you need, and general tips.

There apparently aren't any airlocks in Prey, for as soon as Morgan Yu interacts with the door in the previous Machine Shop area, he's out into the open void of space, looking back down on the Moon below him. This Prey walkthrough will help you get to Psychotronics.

Should you need help with any other areas of Prey, feel free to consult our Prey guides walkthrough hub, featuring entire level and area walkthroughs exactly like this one, as well as solutions to various codes throughout Talos 1.

Head straight down the path that Morgan Yu is on at the beginning of the Talos 1 Exterior area, and then turn left and head upwards at the end of this tube, using the waypoint on your screen to find your way to Dr. Lorenzo Calvino's body, which contains the Dr. Calvino's Workshop keycard. After picking this up, January will contact Morgan, congratulating the player on reaching the body.

Unfortunately this is all the activity in the Talos 1 Exterior that we can experience for now, for Morgan will have to head straight back the way they came in order to use to keycard to access Dr. Calvino's Lab.

Prey Dr. Calvino's Office Walkthrough

Now that you're back inside Talos 1, head straight forward to the other end of the Machine Shop area, where you can activate a new Operator which will fix up any damage taken by your suit so far in Prey.

Turn to the left and head through the maintenance vent, to come out with the entrance to Dr. Calvino's Office on your right, further down the hall. Turn right on the walkway and move the crates in the way of a Medkit in the cage, then go to the bottom of the stairs and turn right, collecting several items scattered around the workstation there. Turn around and head to the opposite corner of the room, where there's a generator that you can use to bring power back to the Looking Glass.

Now go to the Looking Glass console itself, and click on the Network Utilities option along the side, selecting the fourth option down on the next list to bring the server back online. January will then contact Morgan, instructing them to go back to the office to watch the rest of the video. Retreat back through the atrium, where there will now be a Phantom patrolling around, and then back into the Talos 1 Lobby area.

Prey Talos 1 Lobby Area Walkthrough

Head round the corner and into the Teleconferencing Center room, in which you will have either sneak or fight your way past a particularly vicious Phantom, that has the ability to duplicate itself. Once you're done here, go back to Morgan's office, but be warned that there are two Greater Mimics in here, that are considerably tougher than the ordinary variety.

Now that you've finally made it back to Morgan's office, resume the video from the computer, where you're informed by the other Morgan that Talos 1 must ultimately be destroyed, as not a single cell from the Typhon organism can be allowed to make it back to Earth. The other Morgan also tells you that January will help you to destroy the space station, although Alex will undoubtedly try to stop you.

With this objective completed, the 'Through a Glass Darkly' quest has come to a close, and you must speak with January, who finally reveals themselves next to you in the office. Pick up the General Access keycard that January leaves on the desk, and also stick around for the Neuromods that are deposited there afterwards.

Having now spoken to January and been given the objective of making it through the Psychotronics area and into Deep Storage, Morgan will now begin the 'Detour' quest. To reach the Psychotronics area, head down the stairwell outside the Executive Offices area to the ground floor, where there is another one of the multiplying Phantoms patrolling the area. Sneak round it, or take the Phantom if you're feeling brave, but either way make your way through the outer room into the room with the door to the Psychotronics area.

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Next up in our complete walkthrough of Prey is how to make it through Psychotronics and collect the Psychoscope.

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