Dauntless Boreus Monster - How to Slay the Boreus, All Boreus Item Drops

Dauntless Boreus Monster - How to Slay the Boreus, All Boreus Item Drops

Here's all the information you need to know for slaying a Boreus in Dauntless as easily as possible.

The Boreus is a Frost-type monster in Dauntless, but there's plenty more to this beast in combat than meets the eye. In our Dauntless Boreus guide, we'll be walking you through how to kill a Boreus in Dauntless as easily as possible. This includes a roundup of all the Boreus' weaknesses, as well as how to take the monster down during its immunity phase.

Dauntless Boreus Monster

In Dauntless, the Boreus is a Frost-type beast. Because of this, you're going to want to take weapons that deal Blaze-type damage into the fight against the beast. In the loadout screen before you head into the hunt against the Boreus, make sure you've got a weapon that deals bonus Blaze damage, but that you've also got armor equipped gives you a bonus against Frost damage.

Take an Ember weapon with you. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Phoenix Labs

In the fight against the Boreus, it might enter a state known as 'Aether Charged.' You'll recognize this state from when the Boreus appears to gain blue armor out of nowhere, and your basic attacks no longer do any damage against the monster. There's one specific trick you need to do to get passed the Boreus at this point.

Meet the Boreus of Dauntless. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Phoenix Labs

Dauntless Boreus Weakness

When the Boreus goes Aether Charged, you'll notice that a load of smaller monsters descend out of the sky to harass you and your team. While these don't pose a combat threat, you actually want to kill them, because the small winged monsters are going to give you a buff that lets you get past the Aether Charged armor that the Boreus now has.

Slay the minions to get the buff against the Boreus. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Phoenix Labs

Whenever you kill one of the smaller winged monsters, your next hit on the Boreus will get past its armor. You can actually amass a stockpile of hits from slaying multiple smaller monsters in a row, but we'd recommend heading in and dealing damage to the Boreus after you've slain three or four of the lesser monsters, this way your team can make short work of the Aether Charged state of the Boreus.

Dauntless Boreus Loot Drops

In the table below, we'll firstly break down all the items you can obtain through going into battle with the Lesser Boreus. You'll unlock the fight with this Lesser Boreus just a matter of minutes into Dauntless, but it still functions exactly the same way in combat as the fully formed Boreus.

ItemObtained Through
Boreus HideSlaying the Boreus
Horn FragmentBreaking the head of the Boreus
Hoof ChipBreaking either legs of the Boreus
Ice HindscaleBreaking the tail of the Boreus

And now in the table below, we'll provide you with all the item drops from the superior Boreus. Note that when we say "breaking the head" of the monster, for example, this only means that you need to deal enough damage to that specific part of the monster that it breaks, and rewards you with the items listed.

ItemObtained Through
Boreus HideSlaying the Boreus
Psionic ScaleSlaying the Boreus
Deadfrost ShardSlaying the Boreus
Horn FragmentBreaking the head of the Boreus
Hoof ChipBreaking either legs of the Boreus
Ice HindscaleBreaking the tail of the Boreus
Boreus slain! | Hirun Cryer/USG, Phoenix Labs

If it's more Dauntless content you're after, then we've got you sorted. You can check out our full Dauntless beginner's guide, our in-depth Dauntless weapons guide, our page on the current Dauntless Season 5 Hunt Pass, or the current Dauntless server status page for more.

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