Dauntless Repeaters - How to Unlock and Upgrade Ostian Repeaters in Dauntless

Dauntless Repeaters - How to Unlock and Upgrade Ostian Repeaters in Dauntless

To unlock Ostian Repeaters as a weapon in Dauntless, you first need to undertake a few specific quests.

At the beginning of Dauntless you'll have chain blades, axes, swords, hammers, and war pikes available to you from the jump. But what about the Ostian Repeater weapons? In our Dauntless repeaters guide, we'll be walking you through how to unlock repeaters in Dauntless as a weapon option, because they aren't immediately presented to you at the start of the game.

Dauntless Repeaters Unlock

From the very beginning of Dauntless, after undertaking your introductory hunt, you'll find yourself in the city of Ramsgate. This is the hub area of Dauntless, and it's where you'll earn and undertake new quests.

First, visit Katerin Sorrel. She's stood directly in front of you when you load into Ramsgate after any mission, and just to the left of the Hunt Board. Katerin will assign you one quest, which basically involves going and meeting all the other NPCs in Ramsgate.

Katerin Sorrel. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Phoenix Labs

Each NPC in the hub area has one focus. There's a blacksmith that creates weapons, an armor vendor, and many more. These NPCs will all assign you one specific, introductory quest, which you need to undertake. You can keep tabs on your Quests by pressing the pause button on your controller, and scrolling along to the 'Quests' tab.

Once you've undertaken one very simple quest for each NPC in Ramsgate, return to Katerin. She'll now assign you one new quest, but what you really want to do after visiting Katerin is go and visit Janek Zai. This NPC is located back and to the left from Katerin's position.

Here's Janek Zai. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Phoenix Labs

After speaking to Zai, he'll automatically give you your first Ostian Repeater in Dauntless. The repeater functions differently to other weapons in Dauntless, because there's only one version of it in the game. Instead of upgrading the weapon, you can mix and match parts of the repeater for new abilities and stats. Just below, we've listed all the upgradeable parts of the Ostian Repeater.

  • Barrels - The barrel of a repeater determines the element of your attacks.
  • Chambers - The chambers of a repeater change your single Skillshot ability.
  • Grips - The grips on a repeater sets your throw ability.
  • Prisms - The Prisms that you assign to a repeater generate a passive bonus for you.
  • Mods - As with every weapon in Dauntless, you can assign mods to your repeater to enhance your accuracy, firepower, movespeed, and more.
A standard Ostian Repeater. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Phoenix Labs

Dauntless Repeater Barrels

In the table below, you can find a list of all the barrels that we've encountered. These barrels are going to largely determine not only your general firepower, but also your elemental abilities.

BarrelAttack PowerElement Power
Standard Barrel28None
Blaze Barrel2880 Blaze
Frost Barrel2880 Frost
Shock Barrel2880 Shock
Twilight Barrel2880 Umbral
Dawnstar Barrel2880 Radiant
Sylvan Barrel2880 Terra

Dauntless Repeater Chambers

The table below displays a complete summary of all the chambers you can find for an Ostian Repeater in Dauntless. These three chambers all grant you different Skillshot abilities, that are invaluable in the battlefield.

ChamberAttack PowerCooldown TimeSkillshot Ability
Salvo Chamber2815sFires an explosive missile, dealing 400 damage
Marksman Chamber2820sFires a lined shot, dealing 250 damage (Behemoth part hit takes 40% more damage for 10s)
Full-Bore Chamber2815sFires a piercing bolt, dealing damage that includes fall off

Dauntless Repeater Grips

Grips in Dauntless provide your Ostian Repeater with a unique Throw ability. Although there are only two grips for the repeaters in Dauntless, they both provide you with some pretty powerful abilities.

GripAttack PowerCooldown TimeThrown Ability
Captain's Grip2810sLaunches a buff, increases damage by 15% and attack speed for 12s
Saboteur's Grip2825sLaunches a mine that deals 400 damage, increases to 700 when charged

Dauntless Repeater Prisms

There are a fair few Prisms for you to obtain for the repeater in Dauntless. Each one, as the table displays below, provides you with an ability that can really change the battle against a Behemoth.

PrismAttack PowerPassive Bonus
Eclipse Prism16Dealing damage has a chance to generate a Shadow Orb that increases damage dealt by 2.5% for 5s
Stonheart Prism16Dealing damage has a chance to grant a refreshing health shield that lasts for 12s
Brilliant Prism16When charged, your next attack deals 550 Radiant damage
Searing Prism16Tenth hit in quick succession deals 250 Blaze damage
Snowdrift Prism16Last 4 shots in your magazine generate a Frost Sprite which gives 50 bonus damage plus Frost damage to your next attack
Glacial Prism16Evading drops three ice mines (on a 30s cooldown)

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